Grant, design and maintenance guidance

'A View for Eric' is located within the Morecambe Conservation Area. A Conservation Area is deemed an area of special architectural or historic interest within which the city council has a duty to promote its preservation and enhancement. The project seeks to do this by investing in the built heritage and helping people understand more about their heritage and how to look after it.

Further information about the Conservation Area, its appraisal and management plan can be found on the Morecambe Conservation Area page.

Planned or preventative maintenance is the best way of looking after an historic building since it can reduce or remove the need for repair. However, unplanned or reactive maintenance, or sometimes total neglect, is sadly all too common. Using the right materials and techniques is another important way of looking after your property and helping to preserve our built heritage.

The following guides have been produced to assist property owners and potential grantees in understanding more about the conservation standard we aim to achieve through the THI.

A Practical Conservation Guide (PDF, 1MB) is intended for the THI 2 area and the wider Morecambe Conservation Area. This guide provides an indication of the conservation standard we are aiming to achieve and covers practical information relating to:

  • mortar and pointing
  • stone cleaning
  • windows
  • rainwater goods
  • railings and gates

A Guide to Building Maintenance (PDF, 335KB) contains advice on why we should maintain our historic buildings and what signs to look for when inspecting your roof, chimneys, rainwater goods, flashings, external walls, stonework, mortar, render, windows, doors and other external joinery.

The Shop Front and Advertisement Design Guide (PDF, 2MB) is to promote and encourage good shop front and advertisement design within the Morecambe Conservation Area. It provides information on underlying principles and gives advice on good practice with regard to fascias, cornices, consoles/corbels, pilasters, stallrisers, windows, doors and access, colours, materials, signage, illumination and window displays.

Building improvement grants are available to targeted properties within the western end of the Morecambe Conservation Area to help contribute to the appropriate restoration of historic properties. Please read the Guide to Eligible Works (PDF, 472KB) for further information.

Last updated: 15 February 2016