Bold Street / Marlborough Road

Bold Street Site Aerial View

Bold Street Site Aerial View

Project update - February 2014

At a January Cabinet meeting the council agreed £391K funding for further property acquisitions, demolition and temporary re-surfacing on Bold Street, to deliver a cleared site for marketing. Officers were also authorised to conduct a new preferred developer tender exercise to test all private and Registered Social Landlord interest in the site, with the outcome being reported to Cabinet for decision.

Further progress had been made at May 2012 Cabinet when members agreed to re-use income from the sale of 9 and 11a Bold Street to fund further property acquisitions, demolitions and temporary resurfacing along “even numbered side” of Bold Street. This allowed the council to demolish 6-10 and 28-38 Bold Street (working from the ends to the middle). For health and safety reasons one of the two large workshops on the back-land area were also demolished.

Bold Street is a longstanding council project that has been the subject of extensive consultation since 2004 and there has been consistent support for the redevelopment of Bold Street from elected members, local stakeholders and the community. The recently approved £391K means positive action can now be taken to address the remaining site issues

This is an area needing a high level of intervention as it exhibits some of the poorest quality housing in the district. A housing remodelling and improvement project is ongoing for Bold Street and Marlborough Road to tackle a specific problem of poor housing conditions.

In a partnership between the council and Adactus Housing Association, large poor-condition HMOs and a former garage on Marlborough Road have been demolished to enable a new build scheme. The scheme consists of 12 x two-bed flats and 11 x three-bed houses offered for shared ownership.

A facelift and refurbishment scheme has also been completed on the odd-numbered side of Bold Street.

The schemes progressed to date are a partial solution for this area. The remainder of Bold Street (even-numbered side) requires further intervention. The remaining aims of the West End Masterplan regarding this area are therefore to:

  • Develop a solution for even numbered side of Bold Street and back of Winterdyne terrace
  • Identify potential options for end use development

Subject to detailed appraisals, the project idea is to acquire and demolish the even numbered side of Bold Street and the associated properties on Back Winterdyne Terrace to deliver a cleared site for the development of new private housing.

Project update - July 2012

The current project phase has begun with piecemeal acquisitions of residential property on the even-numbered side of Bold Street and acquisition of commercial property on Back Winterdyne Terrace. The intention is to remove poor quality housing units and create a cleared site in single ownership for private housing development.

A further £700K is required to complete the acquisition and site clearance. The further funding requirement for Bold Street allows for the capital receipt (net income of £200K) from the sale of the two recently refurbished odd-numbered Bold Street properties being recycled back into the scheme.

Three properties on the end of the terrace nearest the promenade and a former garage workshop that stood on the land behind were demolished in 2011.

The city council is currently exploring options to finance the remaining site acquisition and clearance.

Cabinet 25 February 2005 (minute ref: 149) 'agrees to the ring fencing of any capital receipts generated by the (West End) Masterplan implementation to the further development of projects identified in the Masterplan'.

Last updated: 26 September 2017