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Exclusive right of burial in a grave

Purchasing the exclusive right of burial in a grave

Families often enquire whether it is possible to purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave in reserve for future use. As most funeral directors provide pre-paid funeral plans it is understandable that the family may wish to purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave space at the same time.

This can be arranged either through the funeral director or by calling in to the Cemetery Office at Morecambe Town Hall where the staff will be pleased to assist you with any queries that you may wish to discuss. Payment for the grave should be made at this time by cheque payable to “Lancaster City Council”, and a grave deed will then be issued as proof of ownership.

The Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave need not however be purchased in advance. In many cases the funeral director will arrange for a grave to be allocated and for this right to be purchased immediately prior to a burial taking place.

Each grave space will accommodate two burials. Following the second interment it is usually possible for a maximum of 5 or 6 sets of cremated remains to be interred in the soil overlying the 2nd burial.

Lawn sections

The grave spaces available within most of the Council’s cemeteries are within Lawn Sections. There are height and width restrictions for memorials placed within these sections and kerbstones and other forms of ornamentation are not allowed down the full length of the grave.

Traditional sections

Within Skerton and Torrisholme Cemeteries there are a few remaining graves in which the Exclusive Right of Burial can be purchased where kerb sets running the full length of the grave are allowed. For further details please contact the Cemeteries Department at Morecambe Town Hall

Exclusive right of burial

The Exclusive Right of Burial is granted for a period of 75 years, and during that time the grassed areas (other than inside kerb sets) will be maintained by the City Council’s Grounds Maintenance team. The grave deed is issued to the registered grave owner when the appropriate fee has been paid. The deed should be kept in a safe place, as it is required to be produced to the Cemeteries Department at the time a grave is prepared for a burial. The grave deed must also be produced to support an application for a permit to erect or alter a memorial on a grave.

At present, Carnforth, Hale Carr, Skerton, Scotforth and Torrisholme Cemeteries can provide grave spaces in Church of England (consecrated) ground and in Roman Catholic and Non-Conformist sections. Garden of Remembrance cremated remains plots are also available in each cemetery. In Scotforth Cemetery there are also Muslim and Polish burial sections.


Interments can take place during the following hours:

Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 3pm.

Interments will not be allowed on Saturday,Sunday,Christmas Day,Good Friday or Public Holidays

At its discretion and with the express permission of the council interments may be allowed at other hours and on other days subject to the payment of an additional fee to cover increased costs.


Exhumation of both buried and cremated remains from non-consecrated sections within any of the council’s cemeteries requires the prior permission of the Home Office. If the interment is within a consecrated section then prior permission is required from the local diocese by way of a Bishop’s Faculty. An officer of the council must be present at the exhumation and supervises the event to ensure that respect for the deceased person is maintained and that public health is protected. It is a requirement that any removal of remains is affected with due care and attention to decency, early in the morning.


Any application for permission to erect a new memorial or to alter an existing memorial on a grave space must be made to the council’s cemeteries department. The registered grave owner or his or her successor in title must make each application. The council operates a Memorial Masons Registration Scheme the effect of which is that any memorial mason who wishes to carry out work within the council’s cemeteries should first register with the council under its scheme. Further information regarding this scheme and the erection of memorials can be obtained from the council’s cemeteries department.





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