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Responding to climate change

Climate change affects us all

Climate change affects us all

Lancaster City Council acknowledges that climate change is occurring and will be a critical factor to Lancaster district’s development throughout the 21st Century. We recognise the social, economic and environmental risks and opportunities of climate change and welcome government targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to tackling the challenges of climate change by focusing on reducing the council’s own energy costs and increasing income. The council intends to achieve further energy efficiencies and reductions in carbon emissions by delivering improvements to council’s buildings and vehicles and making use of solar technology to reduce energy and create income.

Carbon reduction targets

Lancaster City Council is also committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 34% by 2020. Our target annual carbon reduction is 3.4% until 2020. Since 2008/09 we have saved a total of 27.62% tCO2, over half the 2020 target saving in only three years. Details of how we are progressing with this target can be found in the DECC report, which can be downloaded to the right of this page.

Get in touch...

If you have a great idea about how to combat climate change in Lancaster district please contact us through the online query form.

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