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The Great Outdoors

Ruskins View by the Environment Agency

Ruskins View by the Environment Agency

Green spaces and wildlife.

Land is a precious and finite resource. National and international governments use land to produce crops for energy, fuel and food, flood plains and buildings. It is also important to leave space for wildlife.

Food Growing

To make better use of our land we can grow our own food, reducing food miles and improving our health. You can grow herbs and salad in a window box; strawberries and tumbling tomatoes in hanging baskets; and all sorts of fruit and vegetables in a garden or an allotment. See further information to the left of this page.

The more people who garden, the more beautiful, productive and friendly to wildlife our community and our planet will become.


Composting is a great way to reduce waste to landfill and is also a cheap way of keeping your garden or veg patch in tip-top condition. See our Perfect Home Composting guide for details.

Wildlife Conservation

Visit the Wildlife Directory for conservation opportunities in Lancaster district.

Project Funding

If you belong to a group who would like to make improvements to green spaces, community buildings and other environmental concerns, please visit our Funding Your Environmental Projects page.

If you have any queries, please contact us through the online query form.

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