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A to Z of Council Services:

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Voice Your Views panel consultation areas

Details of the service areas that you can register an interest in via the Voice Your Views panel.

To get involved and have your say, see our main Have Your Say page and sign up to our online Voice Your Views panel.

Council management and finance

• Central government
• Partnerships
• Performance
• Spending
• Budget
• Grants
• Council tax and housing benefits

Customer service and information

• Customer services
• Access to services
• Communication
• Consultation/engagement

Culture, leisure and tourism

• Museums
• Festivals and events
• Visitor information
• Platform
• Markets
• Christmas decorations
• Community Pools
• Salt Ayre
• Cycling
• International youth games
• Playschemes
• Holiday programmes

Council and private housing

• Housing
• Homelessness

Planning, regeneration and business

• Local development framework
• Building control
• Economic development/regeneration
• Conservation

Crime and community safety

• Vandalism
• Fly posting
• Graffiti cleaning
• Abandoned vehicles
• Community safety


• Councillors
• Elections
• Mayor

Equality and diversity

• Older people, young people, people from ethnic backgrounds, faith communities, gypsy, roma and traveller community, eastern Europeans, people with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans gender people,
• Bus passes


• Bulky waste
• Conservation
• Environmental health (pollution, pest control, food safety, dog wardens)
• Flood/coastal protection
• Land drainage
• Climate change (working to mitigate and adapt to climate change)
• Recycling
• Street cleaning
• Sustainability (Living sustainably with the environment (meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs)
• Traffic and transport
• Car parks
• Cycling
• Allotments

Parks, promenade and green spaces

• Parks and open spaces
• Play areas
• Maintenance of flower beds and grassy areas
• Beach cleaning

Public Heath and Safety

• Environmental health
• Pollution, pest control, food safety, dog wardens
• Flood/coastal protection
• Emergency planning
• Licensing
• Cemeteries
• Public toilets
• Legal





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