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Honorary Freemen

The title Honorary Freeman is the highest honour a council can bestow on an individual or a group of individuals. It requires a resolution to be passed, at a Special Council Meeting, with no less than two thirds of those members voting, being in favour. The resolution should cite the reasons on which the Council have reached their decision and the details of the public services the recipient has given.


The status of Honorary Freeman is covered by the Local Government Act 1972, Section 249(5), where by a Borough or City Council may admit..... 'persons of distinction and persons who have in the opinion of the council, rendered eminent services to the Borough or City'.

Listed below are those admitted by the former Borough of Lancaster Council, since the first recipient in 1887, until the formation of the new authority in 1974.

The Old Coat of Arms of the City of Lancaster

Sir Thomas Storey

Admitted 3rd November 1887

(Died 13th December 1898)

Mr. Thomas Swainson

Admitted 23rd September 1891

(Died 23rd December 1893)

General Sir Archibald Hunter, GCB

Admitted 31st January 1899

(Died 28th June 1936)

Mr. James Mansergh, FRS, FGS,

Admitted 24th March 1903

(Died 15th June 1905)

Sir Norval Watson Helme

Admitted 5th November 1930

(Died 6th March 1932)

Mr. Herbert Lushington Storey, DL

Admitted 5th November 1930

(Died 26th April 1933)

The Lady Ashton, CBE

Admitted 16th September 1932

(Died 25th July 1944)

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Derby,

Admitted 1st October 1935

(Died 4th February 1948)

Alderman Edward Caffrey Parr

Admitted 17th September 1947

(Died 16th June 1957)

The Rt. Hon. The Earl Peel

Admitted 26th April 1950

(Died 22nd September 1969)

The King’s Own Royal
Regiment (Lancaster)

Admitted 29th August 1953

The King’s Own Royal
Border Regiment

Admitted 23rd April 1960

Alderman Harry Price, OBE

Admitted 20th July, 1960

(Died 15th December 1967)

Mr. John Welch, CBE, Hon MA (Mcr),
MA, LLB (Cantab)

Admitted 20th July 1960

(Died 4th May 1966)

Alderman Herbert Butler, MBE

Admitted 8th September 1971

(Died 10th October 1971)

Alderman Ernest Gardner, MBE

Admitted 8th September 1971

(Died 1st January 1978)

Alderman Cecilia Mabel Pickard, MBE, CA

Admitted 8th September, 1971

(Died 27th July 2012)

The Right Reverand Monsignor Richard Oswald Brimley, VF

Admitted 8th September 1971

(Died 2nd August 1982)

Listed below are those admitted since the formation of the present authority, Lancaster City Council, in 1974. The Coat of Arms of The City of Lancaster

James Donald Waddell, OBE

Admitted 25th October 1979

(Died 24th December 2011)

H.R.H. Princess Alexandra

Admitted 17th September 1987

Captain and Ship’s Company
H.M.S. Trafalgar

Admitted 12th May 1993

Captain and Ship’s Company
H.M.S. Lancaster

Admitted 12th May 1993

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales KG

Admitted 7th June 1993

Sister Aine Cox, MBE, SRN, SCM, MTD

Admitted 26th January 1994

(Died 22nd August 1998)

Honorary Alderman Eric Jones

Admitted 26th January 1994

(Died 15th May 2007)

William Pearson

Admitted 27th September 1995

The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

Admitted 1st July 2006

John McGuinness

Admitted 26th July 2007

James Downham

Admitted 24th June 2010

(Died 2nd June 2012)

Anthony Kimpton

Admitted 11th May 2012

Cedric Robinson MBE

Admitted 9th May 2014





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