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Council tax

Information about council tax, what it is, how to pay it, and what council tax band your property is in.

Council tax is one way in which the council raises money to pay for the services it provides. It is charged on most homes. It does not matter whether the home is rented or owned, or whether it is lived in or not.

For further information about your council tax please see our guide 'About Your Council Tax'. You can view this below, or download a copy from the downloads menu.

Council tax is a property tax with a personal element. It takes into account the value of a property and the number of people aged 18 or over who live there.

If a property has one adult resident, the amount of council tax payable is 75% of the council tax band for that property, subject to discounted residents.

If a property has 2 or more adult residents, the amount payable is 100% of the amount for the band, subject to discounted residents.

Lancaster City Council is the billing authority for this area. It has the responsibility for levying and collecting council tax and paying over to Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Police Authority and the Lancashire Combined Fire Authority the sums of money they have requested us to collect on their behalf.



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