Pest control services for businesses

At Lancaster City Council we are proud of the training we provide to our pest control officers and can claim that in many cases we not only meet the industry standards - we exceed them.

We have a committed team of highly-skilled officers, whose knowledge, expertise and quality of service our clients have come to rely on.

We have a portfolio of clients including food outlets, office complexes, shops and restaurants, commercial, industrial and agricultural premises, schools and colleges.

Annual pest control agreements

Instead of waiting until you’ve already got a problem before you call us out, why not take out an annual agreement with us for a set fee.

These consist of a number of programmed visits covering rats, mice and common insects, plus any interim call-outs required by the client. There are no hidden extras and agreements are reasonably priced.

We tailor each pest control agreement to the individual needs of our clients and can offer peace of mind to our clients that their problems will be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Our annual agreements include:

  • Detailed inspection of premises and identification of pests
  • Inspection of rodent tamper-resistant bait stations and insect monitoring stations
  • All necessary treatments for rodents and common insects
  • Provision of reports highlighting the pest control work that has been undertaken and any recommendations for improvement
  • Advice on pest-proofing
  • Servicing of electrical fly killers where appropriate

Maintaining standards

Our pest control team prides itself on maintaining a high standard of service throughout the work programme agreed with each client.

We provide a comprehensive response to problems should they occur, dealt with by skilled officers who can assess the situation and organise an appropriate treatment using the latest pest control methods and equipment.

Food safety

Legislation concerning hygiene in food premises requires adequate procedures to be in place to ensure pest problems are controlled to avoid the risk of contamination of surfaces and foodstuffs.

Electrical fly killers

We can supply the latest range of high performance electrical fly killers. These range from sticky board units, which are ideal for small to medium sized areas, through to large capacity commercial units, which are designed to cover large open spaces. We can also service your EFKs, ensuring that the machines are clean, tubes are changed on a regular basis (at least once a year) and the machines operate at the maximum efficiency.

Bird control

Bird control is a highly specialised area of the pest control industry. Our pest control officers can survey properties in order to identify the most effective non-obtrusive bird prevention systems available within the industry.

Other pests

We supply specialised treatment and advice for less common insects such as pharaoh ants and for mammals including rabbits and moles.

Health and safety and record keeping

We can guarantee that our standards of health and safety are high, to ensure compliance with current legislation. Our operatives are trained in all aspects of health and safety relating to the services they provide.

Our pest control operatives are fully qualified and accredited. We comply fully with all relevant health, safety and environmental requirements and provide our customers with essential safety data.

We also recognise the importance for recording information and because of this can offer a system that provides written evidence of visits made, action taken and recommendations for improvements.

Fees and charges

If annual agreements are not for you, please contact us to arrange a one-off treatment.

Service Charge Vat Total Charge
Services and charges for commercial/business customers (including outside the district)
Rats/Mice £82.01  £16.40 £98.41 per hour (minimun 1 hour)
Insects (excluding wasps and bees) £89.42 £17.88 £107.30 per hour (minimun 1 hour)
Wasps £46.30 £9.26 £55.56
Squirrels £60 £12 £72
Moles, Pharaoh Ants & Birds Technician to quote

Last updated: 13 December 2016