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Grounds maintenance

Information about our maintenance services and standards for council-run parks, playgrounds and open spaces.

Service details

Flower beds

We plant and maintain a large number of flower beds across the district. Planting is carried out three times each year - in Spring, Summer (June to August) and September/October. Old plants are removed when new plants go in.

Grass cutting

Grass is cut from April through to the end of September, on different schedules, and includes general, council housing and private work, some schools and some grass verges in rural areas.

Hedge cutting

Hedge cutting is usually carried out twice a year - in June (after birds have left their nests) and September.


In amenity parks such as Happy Mount Park and Ryelands Park the grass is cut and collected every six days between April and October.

Parks and open spaces outside the urban core are usually the responsibility of local parish councils, or Lancashire County Council. The urban core includes Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Overton and Middleton.

Some open spaces are the responsibility of the relevant construction company, private land owner or social housing scheme - in these cases Lancaster City Council would not carry out maintenance work unless contracted to do so.


Playgrounds are visually inspected weekly and moving parts are tested every three months all year round. From May to August playgrounds are also inspected at weekends.

We also offer support to residents and community groups looking to improve play areas or green spaces in their area. See Friends of Parks for more information.


Shrub work is done in June and September. Hard pruning of some areas is carried out from October to March.


Spraying needs warm weather in order to be effective and is generally carried out from May to August.


Tree work is mainly carried out from mid-October through to the end of March. We also check tress and carry out emergency work throughout the year.

As a general rule, work is done on trees that are dead, dying or dangerous, and on branches overhanging other properties. We do not generally do work relating to leaves or lack of daylight.

Further information

See our main parks, promenade and open spaces section.





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