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Gas service

We have a legal responsibility to carry out an annual safety check of gas appliances and flues owned and installed by us. This includes boilers, gas fires and central heating.

As a tenant, you must allow access to your home to carry out safety checks and any maintenance required on appliances and flues that we provide.

Why is it important to carry out safety checks on gas appliances?

Most gas appliances need a chimney or flue to get rid of the fumes. This ensures that you do not breathe the fumes. Gas appliances also need air to burn safely. If there is enough air, gas appliances produce carbon dioxide and water in safe amounts which are normally taken away by a chimney or flue. If there is not enough air or the chimney or flue is blocked the gas appliance will produce carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide gas is highly poisonous to people and animals. As it has no colour, taste or smell, it is difficult to detect. People die of carbon monoxide poisoning, therefore, for the safety of you and your family you should always make sure you allow access to enable you annual service and safety check to take place.

How do we make sure that your gas appliances are safe to use?

EMCOR, our gas contractors, have an annual programme to visit all our properties which have gas appliances or gas pipework to make sure they are safe to use. They will carry out a safety check and service the gas appliances.

How can you help us to ensure your gas appliances are safe?

The easiest and most important way you can help, is by allowing access to your home for a gas safety check and service to take place.

EMCOR will contact you by letter to let you know when this will be carried out. If the date they give you to carry out the service and safety check is not convenient you will have to arrange another time with them. You can do this by ringing them directly on 0800 111 4521 (free from landlines) or 01744 833398 (from a mobile).

Win £50!

If you let EMCOR into your home on the first time they come out to carry out a service and safety check you will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 of gift vouchers. There will be four prize draws each year. Remember, if you are not going to be in when they say they will be coming, you can contact them and arrange a time which is convenient for you. This way, you will still have a chance of winning the £50 prize.

What happens if you do not allow EMCOR in to your home to carry out the service and safety check?

It is a condition of your tenancy that you allow access for safety checks to be carried out. If you will not be in when they have arranged for the service and safety check to be carried out you should contact them to arrange another appointment. If EMCOR call to your property and you are not in, they will leave a card to let you know they have been and a contact number. If you do not respond to this card they will let the Council know and we will then contact you asking you to arrange a convenient time for EMCOR to carry out the service and safety check.

If you do not respond to the letters we send we will start legal action to allow EMCOR engineers access to your home. This may result in you having to pay the legal costs of any action we take.

Remember: It is a legal requirement that we carry out an annual safety check and it is a requirement of your tenancy agreement that you let us do this.

What should you do if you smell gas?

  • Report immediately to the National Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999
  • Put out cigarettes, do not use matches or naked flames
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Turn off gas at stop tap
  • Do not use electrical switches


Last updated: 02 March 2016