Improvements (planned maintenance)

It is more economical and efficient for us to carry out replacements of things such as gutters, windows, kitchens in a planned way.

We have a planned programme for major repairs and maintenance, which ensures that each estate is kept up to a good standard.

Each year, usually in March, the council makes a decision about what improvements and planned maintenance should be carried out. The District Wide Tenants' Forum works with us to develop long-term priorities and are consulted on the programme every year.

Will you have a say in the work carried out on your home?

If improvements are planned to your home, you will be contacted before any work starts. A member staff will sit down with you to talk you through the process and the range of choices on offer, for example if your kitchen is to be replaced, what style of kitchen units, colour of floor tiles etc.

Carrying out your own improvements

Tenants are usually welcome to improve their homes but you will need to get written permission first. This is so we can ensure that works you carry out will not adversely affect the property. We can also let you know if there are any particular problems you will need to address. For some improvements, you may need to satisfy building regulations and/or get planning permission. Please email us and we will arrange for the Maintenance Inspector to give you further details.

Further information


Last updated: 02 March 2016