What is sheltered housing?

We have a range of accommodation for people over the age of 55 who are either looking for sheltered or retirement housing.

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered Housing enables older people to live independently in flats or bungalows within a supportive environment designed to suit their needs. We call these groups of bungalows or flats Sheltered Housing Schemes. Although each Scheme is different, they all have 24 hour emergency assistance from locally based staff and most have a communal lounge for informal and organised activities. Some Schemes are groups of flats all under one roof, and some provide laundry and guest room facilities.

Is sheltered housing like a residential home?

No. Sheltered Housing is for people who can live independently. The Scheme Manager does not provide nursing or other personal care such as help with dressing and bathing. If you need help of this kind, we will be able to help you to apply for assistance through Lancashire County Council Social Services department. The Scheme Manager is there to check on your welfare and provide support where required.

What is retirement housing?

Retirement Housing is different to Sheltered Housing. It is designed for both single people and couples over the age of sixty who do not need the level of support provided by Sheltered Housing.

Retirement Housing is either flats or bungalows that are connected to Progress Lifeline, which is our Community Alarm Service.

Who can apply for sheltered housing?

As a general rule, Sheltered Housing is for anyone over the age of 55. We maintain a Housing Register of people looking for a home in the Lancaster District which includes people looking for Sheltered Housing.

Please note that pets are not allowed in the Sheltered Housing flats with communal entrances. They are allowed, with permission, in the Sheltered bungalows and flats that have their own entrances.

How do you apply for sheltered and retirement housing?

All our sheltered and retirement housing is let through Ideal Choice Homes, our choice based lettings service for the Lancaster district. Through this service we advertise all our current vacancies and you are able to express your interest in the ones that interest you.

To participate in the Ideal Choice Homes letting service you will need to join the Housing register. To do this you will need to meet certain eligibility criteria and complete an application.

If you are applying to go on the Housing Register for the first time, you can ask for an interview with a Choice Based Lettings officer. At the interview the officer will discuss the application, provide information and advice and gather any additional information that they need. If you require assistance in making an application to go on the Housing Register please email us.

It is important if you are applying for Sheltered Housing that you include the following information to allow us to assess your application more fully:

  • Medical information.
  • Details of any care packages in place.
  • Specific accommodation requirements for example, needing level access because you use a wheelchair.

Various other Registered Providers of Social Housing advertise their vacant accommodation through our Ideal Choice Homes website, although some of these landlords will also maintain their own waiting list for available properties.

You may also want to look at our Housing Allocation Policy, which contains detailed information about how we allocate homes and how the Ideal Choice Homes system works.

Last updated: 17 January 2017