Resident Parking Schemes

Some parking zones have restrictions limiting the number of parking permits and/or visitor cards issued to each dwelling.

Residents' permits may be available to residents and tenants of properties within a residents' parking scheme. As a resident you may be entitled to a permit if you are the registered keeper of a vehicle you use on a regular basis.

Parking schemes operate at all times. If you are moving to, or live within a residents' parking area you are advised to apply as soon as possible for a parking permit or visitor card.

How to apply for a permit or visitor card

Please read the information leaflet and details for your parking scheme below, before completing the relevant application form.

Application forms and further information

Lancaster schemes information

Parking scheme information
Zone A - Central (PDF, 626KB)
Zone B - Castle (PDF, 406KB)
Zone C - Bulk (PDF, 728KB)
Zone D - South (PDF, 664KB)
Zone E - The Quay (PDF, 561KB)
Zone F - Dallas Road (PDF, 498KB)
Zone G - Lune Street (PDF, 567KB)
Zone H - Regent Street (PDF, 370KB)
Zone I - Brook Street (PDF, 683KB)
Zone J - Fairfield (PDF, 248KB)

Morecambe schemes information

Parking scheme information
Zone N - Central Drive (PDF, 595KB)
Zone O - Edward Street (PDF, 597KB)
Zone P - Lancaster Road (PDF, 588KB)
Zone Q - West End (PDF, 323KB)
Zone R - Poulton Home (PDF, 636KB)


Last updated: 23 August 2017