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A to Z of Council Services:

Promenade permits

Promenade launching permits are available to enable individuals to gain access to Morecambe's waterfront.

General information

The promenade slipways are zoned to accommodate powered and non-powered craft - see zone map in download column

The necessary permit must be obtained before launching your vessel from one of the slipways. This can be done by downloading and posting one of the relevant application forms - see downloads column.

Launching permits are valid between 1st April and 31st March each year, whereas disabled angling and moorings are now valid until vehicle details change or the related documentation expires.

  • Permits usually take 5 working days to process and will be posted to you.
  • Insurance documentation will be required at the time of application.
  • Please note - if applying for a permit during the course of a year, it will still need to be renewed in April. 

Tide tables

Local tide tables can be purchased from Morecambe Visitor Information Centre, or you can view Morecambe Bay tide tables online.

In the event of an emergency, telephone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Quad bike launching to mussel beds

Permit numbers for the use of quad bikes to launch at the mussel beds off Morecambe Battery are to remain in place. The council has the task of balancing health and safety risks as mussel fishermen seek to harvest seed mussels from this year’s crop. Activity is centred on the Battery car park at a time of the year when visitors and local people are making the most of the last week of the summer holidays. The council is also taking serious regard of Coastguards concerns about the condition of the sands and evidence from a number of incidents where people have recently got into difficulties requiring rescue.

Taking all these factors into account the council is not intending to increase the number of permits for quad bike access to the sands which in turn would increase traffic numbers along the shoreline and the risk to beach users and fishermen alike.

Application details

Launching permit - powered and non-powered craft

Required to launch a powered or non-powered craft. Powered craft launch from Green Street slipway non-powered craft launch from Town Hall slipway

Charge: £20.50

Disabled angling permit -  Stone Jetty or Grosvenor Breakwater 

This permit is designed for disabled anglers wishing to fish, any time during the year from the Stone Jetty or Grosvenor Breakwater

The permit will require changing if or when the angler changes their vehicle.

Stone Jetty: £20.50

Grosvenor: £8.20


The mooring registration form must be completed and the position of the mooring indicated within the application. We advise that vessel insurance is obtained as a precautionary measure.

Charge: No Charge

Commercial fishermen (including shellfish collection)

Access: For any type of commercial fishing you must initially contact Lancaster City Council to discuss access, landing and storage. You can do this by either telephone or email - see contact details below





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