Bailrigg Garden Village



The vision is for a self-contained  new settlement of around 3500 homes in south Lancaster - a place for living and a focus for growth in conjunction with the expanding Lancaster University. The Village is to be built over the next 12/15 years and is to offer a range of well-built housing,  community facilities and services close to the University main campus.   The Village is to be well designed with generous greenspace offering extensive opportunities for outdoor recreation and leisure. A rapid transit bus service is to connect the city centre, the Village and the University campus and good walking and cycle routes will link also.

What has happened so far ?

In the autumn of 2016 the Government asked local authorities if they were interested in developing new 'garden villages'. The city council said ‘yes’ and in January 2017 the Government selected Bailrigg Garden Village as one of 14 garden villages across the country. The council then included for the proposal in a consultation in Spring 2017 into a draft Strategic Policies and Land Allocations Document and on 9 January 2018 the council published a finalised draft. Policy SG1 of this Publication Draft Document identifies a Broad Area for Growth in South Lancaster. The Garden Village is to be brought forward within this. Policy SG1 further,  sets that the council will plan the Garden Village and how it is to be delivered in a further local plan document – the Bailrigg Garden Village Area Action Plan (AAP). The council is now working on the AAP.

What is the process to decide the Garden Village?

A final decision on whether to allocate land to develop the Garden Village is still to be made as part of preparing and deciding the Local Plan for Lancaster District. For the Garden Village this involves two separate but related development plan documents (DPD) as part of the Local Plan.

Representations (comments) on the Strategic Policies and Land Allocation  Document (DPD) are invited until 5pm Friday 6 April 2018. Further details about this opportunity can be found here - The published document and all representations made will then be submitted to the Secretary of State in May 2018 and an independent Planning Inspector will examine this, consider all representations and decide on any changes. The Examination is likely to last until late 2018.

The AAP is to come forward via a similar process.  The AAP is to set the full planning framework for the Village and allocate land for development.

The council hopes to adopt both documents as part of the Local Plan in 2019. This would mean the Garden Village is decided and after it will be up to land owners and developers to bring forward development proposals fitting to the Local Plan framework and policy requirements for the Garden Village.

What happens next for the Garden Village?

 In May / June 2018 we will consult on ambitions, key issues and how to address these and, spatial options for the location and shape of the Village. Subject to the response we will consult on a preferred option and more detailed proposals including to deliver the Garden Village.

Much work is also underway on delivering the Village. The council is engaging with landowners and relevant developers.  Work is ongoing concerning the infrastructure needed and how to deliver this,  including transport infrastructure and community facilities and services - including schools and health facilities.

Background information


Last updated: 13 March 2018