Lancaster District Local Plan

The Lancaster District Local Plan was adopted on 16 April 2004. As new policies that form the Local Development Framework are adopted, the policies of the Local Plan will be replaced.

Lancaster City Council’s Core Strategy was adopted in July 2008, replacing many of the policies in the Local Plan. Following this a strike through edition of the Local Plan was published in September 2008. It shows the policies that have been fully or partially replaced by the Core Strategy.

We do not hold hard copies of the strike through edition of the Local Plan because the Secretary of State gave direction on which policies of the Local Plan should be saved in September 2007. The document can be downloaded below:

An interactive map of the saved polices of the Local Plan strikethrough edition 2008, and adopted policies from the Core Strategy (2003-21), Development Management DPD (2011-31) and Morecambe Area Action Plan (2011-31) can be viewed here - Local Plan Web Map.

Last updated: 31 August 2016