Sport and recreation studies

We are continuing to update the evidence that informs preparation of the local plan.

Lancaster City Council commissioned Knight, Kavanagh and Page Ltd to undertake an Open Space Assessment Report. This is an assessment of the existing open space provision across the Lancaster District, including detail with regards to its condition, distribution, accessibility, overall quality and value. To accompany this report a separate Open Space Study: Standards Paper will be published. This piece of evidence identifies the deficiencies and surpluses in existing and future open space provision. It should also be used to help inform an approach to secure open space facilities through new housing development and help form the basis for negotiation with developers for contributions towards the provision of open space. The Open Space Study: Standards Paper is currently in the process of being finalised.

Together, the two documents provide an evidence base audit of the existing provision and help inform the future provision for open spaces in the Lancaster District. These two documents replace the PPG17 Study Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities Refresh (2010).

Lancaster District Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Strategy (to follow)

Last updated: 10 May 2018