Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Supplementary Planning Documents

We have prepared a series of Supplementary Planning Documents which seek to elaborate and supplement existing policy guidance found with the Council’s Local Plan, in particular the Development Management DPD. 

We have recently consulted on an Employment and Skills Plans SPD and are currently considering the responses.

Development Briefs

Development briefs provide planning guidance on how specific larger, complex or sensitive sites should be developed.  They show which policies apply to each site, as well as detailed guidance on things like access, design and landscaping. 

Planning Advisory Notes (PANs)

We have also prepared a series of guidance notes which seek to inform and guide applicants, developers and other interested parties in a range of planning matters. Whilst these are not a formal part of the Local Plan for Lancaster District 2011 – 2031 they do provide a useful source of information.

Last updated: 27 March 2018