Sustainability Appraisal and Appropriate Assessment

Sustainability Appraisal

A Sustainability Appraisal is undertaken for every Development Plan Document. Sustainability Appraisals help to ensure that the social, economic and environmental effects of policies and plans are understood and fully taken into consideration.  A Sustainability Appraisal report will company each published stage of a Development Plan Document, including the final Submission version, so that people can view and comment on the findings of the Sustainability Appraisal. 

Appropriate Assessment 

Appropriate Assessment establishes whether proposals within the plan are likely to have significant effects on any sites of international biodiversity importance.  Firstly, a screening process is carried out under the Habitats Regulations. The screening will identify whether it is considered likely that there will be any significant effects.  When the screening cannot say with certainty that there will be no significant effects, an Appropriate Assessment will look at the likely effects and how they can be avoided. If they cannot be avoided, the plan or policy that would cause the harmful effects will not be allowed to come into force, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

These assessments will accompany the relevant plan at the consultation and publication stages.

Our current position

Ongoing Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) has been undertaken on the draft Strategic Policies & Land Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) and Development Management DPD and recommendations have been fed back to the council regarding their sustainability performance. SA and HRA is now underway on the latest iteration of the Strategic Policies and Land Allocations DPD and Development Management policies which form the Local Plan Parts One and Part Two.

Previous stages
draft Part One: Strategic Policies and Land Allocation DPD Sustainabilty Appraisal (prepared by Arcadis) January 2017
Part Two: Review of the draft Development Management DPD Sustainabilty Appraisal  (prepared by Arcadis) Januray 2017

Sustainability Appraisal Report (SA) (PDF, 1.7MB)

Non-Technical Summary (PDF, 619KB)



Sustainability Appraisal Report (SA) (PDF, 1.4MB)

Non-Technical Summary (PDF, 692KB)

Habitat Regulations Report (HRA) (PDF, 4.8MB)


Last updated: 02 May 2018