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Morecambe Area Action Plan

MAAP Draft Plan (Preferred Options) Consultation

MAAP Draft Plan (Preferred Options) Consultation

Preparing the Morecambe Area Action Plan will vision and map the future of central Morecambe. It will create a framework for the development, conservation and change needed to secure lasting regeneration gains for the town.

What we are doing now - Modifications following Public Examination

Point us in the right direction...

Point us in the right direction...

Following the Morecambe Area Action Plan DPD Public Examination (1 to 9 April 2014), we have published our formal proposed modifications and would like your comments on the proposed changes. This consultation will run from 10th June to 22nd July 2014 (six weeks). The new edition of the Morecambe Area Action Plan DPD containing all proposed modifications (1. Morecambe Area Action Plan proposed modification) and the formal list of both main and additional modifications (2. List of proposed modifications) are available for download from the right hand side of this webpage.  Accompanying this and also available to download is the sustainability reporting including a Sustainability Report (please see the Publication Stage version and a report into the assessment undertaken for the purpose of meeting requirements under the Habitats Regulations.

Morecambe Library

Morecambe Library

The proposed deleted text is in red strikethrough and the new text is underlined in blue.

If you would like to comment, please ensure that your responses relate to the red or blue text only, otherwise they may not be taken into consideration.

Following the end of this consultation, the DPD and all comments will be submitted to the Planning Inspector for his consideration to inform his report. Please note: These proposed modifications are being made without prejudice to any conclusions which are
reached by the Planning Inspector.

It is anticipated that an Inspectors Report should be with the Council in Early Summer 2014.

You can view the policy documents and supporting information on our Submission Documents page .  Hard copies of the Submission documents are available at both Lancaster and Morecambe Town Halls and at local public libraries during normal working hours

 Publication stage

The council invited representations to the soundness of the Morecambe Area Action Plan DPD and Development Management  between 10 October to Thursday 21 November 2013. The council is inviting representations on their soundness.
All valid representations have been submitted to the Secretary of State for consideration at independent examination.  Please see our Submission Documents page for more details
Publication version and supporting documents

Latest news
Lancaster City Council Cabinet approved plans for the first improvement project to Morecambe's main streets as part of the Morecambe Area Action Plan. The main proposal is to create ‘Royalty Place’ – a reference to the former theatre which was located near the site – between the Arndale, Post Office and former M&S buildings. Linked to these improvements will be new surfacing for the seaward end of Euston Road through to Marine Road Central and also other improvements down Victoria Street. The work is scheduled to take place in 2014.

Draft Plan (Preferred Options) Consultation - Autumn 2012
Thank you to everyone who commented on the Draft Local Plan consultation which closed on 14 December 2012. A consultation will take place later in 2013 on the publication version of the documents. The documents will then be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for a public examination, before they can be formally adopted in late 2013/ early 2014.
A eight week consultation ran from 22 October 2012 to 14 December 2012  on a new Local Plan for the district. The Core Strategy is the main document in the Local Plan and was adopted by the council in 2008. This established the overall vision and overriding strategy for the district. Three further documents (Development Plan Documents (DPDS) have now been prepared:
  • Land Allocations
  • Development Management
  • Morecambe Area Action Plan
Drafts of each of these plans are now available. The Morecambe Area Action Plan can be viewed below.
A report on the findings of the consultation will be available in 2013.
View the MAAP draft plan (PDF 5.5MB)
You can also click the viewer below to read the Morecambe Area Action Plan online:

There are a number of companion documents to the Draft Plan which will also be made available during this consultation period. These include a draft Sustainability Report in two parts - Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA and SEA) with supporting separate appendices; and a draft Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) - please note that the 'Figures' from Appendix B can be found at the end of this document.

About the Morecambe Area Action Plan
The council's adopted Core Strategy (2008) identified central Morecambe as a Regeneration Priority Area. In October 2008, the council's Cabinet authorised the production of an area action plan for central Morecambe.
What is an Area Action Plan?
An Area Action Plan (AAP) is a Development Plan Document (DPD) that will form part of the Lancaster District Local Plan together with the Core Strategy they will form the most important considerations in determining most planning applications in central Morecambe.

The preparation of an area action plan will put in place a comprehensive and robust planning framework to provide for the development, conservation and change needed to secure lasting regeneration gains. It is both a policy and delivery tool and goes beyond traditional land use policy documents by considering issues of funding, timing and delivery.

Land use and development management policies for the wider district are also currently being prepared - see www.lancaster.gov.uk/planningpolicy for further information.
The Morecambe Area Action Plan
The Morecambe Area Action Plan (MAAP) will provide a framework to facilitate and manage development and change within central Morecambe over the next ten years or so to 2023/4. The MAAP will become the document through which the visions and objectives for the area will be developed, considered and co-ordinated for implementation. It will identify key infrastructure projects that will contribute to the regeneration of central Morecambe. It will direct investment, give increased certainty to potential investors, build confidence and assist the council in securing funding and facilitating development. Economic circumstances inevitably will affect the pace of regeneration but bringing forward the MAAP should ensure that central Morecambe is well placed to capture and benefit from economic upturn.
The MAAP should:
  • Detail the vision for central Morecambe set out in the Lancaster District Core Strategy:
'Central Morecambe is identified as a Regeneration Priority Area of sub-regional importance. Through tourism, housing renewal and heritage led regeneration, central Morecambe will be reinvented as a visitor destination drawing on its natural and built heritage, and as an office and service centre with restored historic townscape and a revived housing market.' Lancaster District Core Strategy (July 2008), Policy ER2.
  • Provide a spatial framework that will help facilitate development and change to realise the regeneration vision.
  • Be supported by the community
  • Be deliverable
Stages for preparing the MAAP
Preparing any DPD under the new planning system might be described as involving three main stages:
  1. Preparing the evidence base
  2. With stakeholders, identifying the scope, objectives and key issues and out of these options before agreeing a preferred option
  3. Publishing the plan for formal consultation, submitting the preferred option for examination and, subject to the outcome, formal adoption.
Outline timetable
A draft (preferred options0 will be available for consultation from 22 October - 14 December 2012. The comments and responses to this will inform the production of a final draft plan (Spring 2013) to which representations can be made. These will be presented for independent examination in Summer 2013. Subject to the outcome of this examination, formal adoption is anticipated to occur in early 2014.
In reaching this stage extensive public and stakeholder consultation has been carried out. See our Consultation page for further information.

Contact Us
There will be further opportunities to get involved with the the MAAP and the wider Local Plan so please continue to visit this page. In addition, you may wish to receive notifications of our consultations and progress by adding your details to our consultation database. We would love to hear from you so please contact us with your details via one of the methods below:



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Please note that the Regeneration and Policy Service is based at Morecambe Town Hall but mail is sorted in Lancaster.




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