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Morecambe Area Action Plan

New Town Square Mosaic

New Town Square Mosaic

The Morecambe Area Action Plan provides a vision and map for the future of central Morecambe. It creates a framework for the development, conservation and change needed to secure lasting regeneration gains for the town.

Latest news

Views sought on Morecambe mosaic

Views are being sought on the future of a Morecambe landmark.

As part of work to implement the Morecambe Area Action Plan, Lancaster City Council is working on designs to improve Euston Road from Barclays through to New Town Square.

This area is in the retail core and commercial centre of Morecambe but unfortunately fails to live up to this billing and considerable improvements are needed.

Street works should include new street surfacing, street furniture, new lighting and artworks.

The area to be improved includes the Square outside the eastern entrance to the Arndale Centre and where the ‘Morecambe Mosaic’ is situated.

As part of the redesign process the city council is keen to hear people’s views on the future of the mosaic. Do people think the mosaic should be kept as it is or could it be incorporated in the street in a different way? Could it be moved to a new location?

Coun Janice Hanson, Cabinet member with responsibility for planning, explained: “We know that some people have a certain fondness for the mosaic. It’s a symbol of the town and we want to hear what people think about its future.

“We could leave it in place just as it is and work around it, but this will greatly limit what can be done to improve the area.

“Alternatively we might remove the structure but incorporate the mosaic itself in the square or in the street in a different way, or we could move it to a completely new location. I’m keen to hear what people think before we make a decision.”

To give your views email morecambeaap@lancaster.gov.uk or write to Mosaic Consultation, Regeneration and Planning, Morecambe Town Hall, LA4 5AF.

The deadline for responses is Monday November 16.

Date Published: 23/10/15

Work is due to start 11th May 2015 on a project to improve the central seafront either side of the Eric Morecambe statue.

Dubbed ‘Connecting Eric’ the aim of the project is to make better use of land between the Clock Tower toilets and Northumberland Street.

Works will include:

• A new pedestrian amenity space to the east of Eric that will form a gateway to the town centre from Eric and the promenade to Euston Road
• A new improved children’s play facility adjacent to the Clock Tower toilets to replace the small existing one near Northumberland Street
• A new pull in for buses and coaches
• Car parking rationalised into one enlarged car park west of Eric
• Better routes for pedestrians
• Improved flood defences

To reduce the potential for disruption the works will be carried out in phases and carefully managed. Works will start at the Northumberland Street end of the central seafront where the existing play area will be dismantled and the car park extended.

Following this will be work to provide a new bus / coach pull in and improved footways.

Work will then switch to east of Eric to remove the existing car park, prepare the new play area and to provide the new pedestrian amenity space opposite Euston Road. All these works must be completed by the end of September to meet a timetable set by Natural England and avoid disturbance to wintering birds. The city council will equip the new play area early in the New Year.

During the works there will be some disruption to car parking facilities. Drivers should use alternative town centre car parking spaces which are available at the following nearby city council car parks:

• Marine Road No 3 and 4 (Clock Tower East)
• West View (off Northumberland Street)
• Bay Arena
• Pedder Street
• Library
• Telephone Exchange

The Morecambe Area Action Plan (MAAP)

The Morecambe Area Action Plan (MAAP) is a spatial plan for central Morecambe, the priority area for regeneration within Lancaster District. The Council adopted the MAAP on 17 December 2014 as a Development Plan Document (DPD) part of the new Local Plan for the Lancaster District. The MAAP provides a framework for the investment, development and change required to regenerate Central Morecambe. The plan area takes in all the main central and commercial parts of the town and including the extensive seafront to these.

The MAAP is informed by extensive evidence gathering, community engagement and stakeholder consultation over some three years.

It visions and sets the approach to regeneration. It contains local plan policies specific to central Morecambe and identifies the many actions required by public and private sectors, organisations and individuals to help make some beneficial changes.

The MAAP relates closely to other elements of the Local Plan including the Development Management DPD (also adopted in December 2014) and the emerging Land Allocations DPD. For planning purposes it should be read in conjunction with the Development Management DPD.

You can view the MAAP by following the links on this page. Alternatively hard copies are available to view at both town halls and the district's main libraries.

Should you have any questions or want to discuss any aspect of work to regenerate central Morecambe and how to support this or get involved please do contact the city council's Regeneration Team via the details provided below.

Morecambe Area Action Plan DPD (Adopted Dec. 2014) (9.1MB - PDF)



Lancaster City Council Cabinet approved plans for the improvement project to Morecambe's main streets as part of the Morecambe Area Action Plan. The main proposal is to create ‘Royalty Place’ – a reference to the former theatre which was located near the site – between the Arndale, Post Office and former M&S buildings. Linked to these improvements will be new surfacing for the seaward end of Euston Road through to Marine Road Central. The work is scheduled to take place in 2016.



Morecambe Area Action Plan
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Please note that the Regeneration and Policy Service is based at Morecambe Town Hall but mail is sorted in Lancaster.




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