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Tree sponsorship scheme

Have you ever thought about commemorating an anniversary in an exceptional way, or dedicating a tree as a unique memorial to a loved one?

Planting a tree with our Tree Sponsorship Scheme offers just that opportunity - and helps our environment too.

Why sponsor a tree?


  • Remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and in turn release oxygen in vast quantities every year
  • Filter gaseous and particulate pollutants from the air we breathe
  • Provide colour, interest and a sense of the changing seasons all year round
  • Provide essential resources for birds, mammals and insects and other wildlife
  • Can make a fitting memorial to a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion

How does the scheme work?

The cost of sponsoring a single new tree is £150. This includes purchase of the tree, planting, and the maintenance required whilst the tree becomes established.

Once you have selected a type of tree and a location you will receive a certificate and map confirming our commitment and intention to plant a new tree on your behalf, and in the location you have identified.

Your name and your dedication (optional) will be added to our list of tree sponsors.

Currently trees can be sponsored for Happy Mount Park in Morecambe, Williamson ParkRyelands Park,  or Greaves Park in Lancaster.   We hope to add more locations in the future.

Some parish councils are also taking part in the scheme - please contact your local parish council to find out if trees can be sponsored where you live.

Apply online:

Complete the online application form, including a daytime telephone number, and we will send you an invoice.  When you receive the invoice please make payment using your credit or debit card. Your application will be processed once payment has been received.

By phone:

Call 01524 582407 or 582416 and you can apply and pay by credit or debit card over the phone.

Our current sponsors

Nick and Helen Hampton have sponsored an oak tree planted in Ryelands Park, Lancaster:

"If we plant enough trees, there's very little else to worry about".

Jane Billington and her children Tom, Peter and William have sponsored a tree which has been planted at the outdoor classroom in Ryelands Park in memory of parents and grandparents Irene Audrey Billington (1935-2009) and Arthur William Billington (1936 - 2012). 

Kelvin Gifford and Claire Catlow have sponsored a tree which has been planted at the children's natural play area at Happy Mount Park in memory of their baby daughter.

"We are sponsoring a tree in memory of our spirited Eliza Violet who in her brief time with us gave us so much joy and memories which we shall always cherish and never forget."

Paul Cocker and Frances Foran have sponsored a tree which has been planted in Happy Mount Park in loving memory of parents Jim and Joan Cocker and Vincent and Alice Fardon.

Sarah Taylor has sponsored a cherry tree which has been planted in Happy Mount Park in loving memory of her mother Mrs. D. K. Hadaway

Kevin Shaw has sponsored a tree to be planted in Greaves Park, Lancaster in memory of 'Patch' who loved her walks in Greaves Park.

Valerie Powlton and her grandchildren, Laura, Hazel and Joshua have sponsored a cherry tree which has been planted in Happy Mount Park in memory of a much loved daughter and mum, Catherine Petra.  Catherine would have been 50 on the 9th December 2013.

Valerie Powlton has also sponsored a cherry tree in Happy Mount Park in memory of Jack and Ivy Morris.

Zoe Hammond has sponsored the planting of an oak tree in Williamson Park in memory of her late mother, Josephine Mary Hammond (nee Cross), born in Lancaster in 1950 and who passed away on 27th February 2009.

"Planting and sponsoring a tree in Williamson Park in the city where my mother and her family came from, provides an uplifting and special place for others to come and remember her, and the tree will endure in her memory and watch over the city when we are not there."

The Lancaster and Morecambe Lions have sponsored the planting of a cherry tree in Happy Mount Park.  The tree planting is "In memory of  Lion Sue Thorpe and for others to enjoy ther park as much as she did.  From your friends at Lancaster and Morecambe Lions Club."

Dorothy Mary Cox has sponsored the planting of two cherry trees in Happy Mount Park.

Claire Wilson has sponsored a cherry tree in Williamson Park in memory of John Wilson.

Mrs. Mary Milner has sponsored the planting of a beech tree in Hale Carr Cemetery in memory of Philip Valentine Milner who was born in Morecambe on the 14th February 1943 and who died on 3rd February 2014.  "A loving momento of a lovely man." 

Grandad, Helen and Ben, Ann and James, Anthony and Ada have sponsored a cherry tree to be planted in Williamson Park to celebrate the 1st birthday of Tom Fisher Corbett.  "Happy birthday Tom x"

Mrs. Mary Milner has sponsored an acer tree close to the children's play area in Ryelands Park for her son Tim, daughter-in-law Amy and granddaughter Martha. "With love from grandma."

Margaret Buck has sponsored the planting of a cherry tree in Happy Mount Park in memory of Stuart Buck "With many happy memories of a great husband, dad and grandad xxx"

Tree sponsorship terms and conditions

New trees are planted between the 30th November and 31st March every year. This is the 'planting season'.

If the tree fails the council will plant a replacement during the initial five year establishment period.

Lancaster City Council operates a policy of planting 'the right species in the right place' - we will plant appropriate species in an appropriate locations. This means we will make a best match from your selected choices.

The council reserves the right to move or remove the tree if deemed necessary, and would plant a replacement tree in an appropriate location.

Legal ownership of a sponsored tree remains with Lancaster City Council.

We regret that we cannot grant permission to place plaques, plinths, planting or flowers under a sponsored tree. Please let us know if you would like a dedication on our tree sponsors page.

We are working with local parish councils to identify possible planting areas outside the control of the city council. This is to ensure that new trees are planted in the outlying areas of the district.

You may wish to contact your local parish council to discuss the possibility of planting a new tree under the Tree Sponsorship Scheme.

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