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A to Z of Council Services:

Food waste recycling

We provide a fortnightly food waste recycling collection for households in the Lancaster district (except blocks of flats).

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Introducing food waste recycling

All properties should now have received a food waste caddy (except blocks of flats). If you have not received a food waste caddy please phone customer services on 01524 582491.

Once you have received you food waste caddy you can start recycling food waste straight away.

We are currently looking for a suitable solution for food waste recycling in flats.

How to use the kitchen caddy

What is food waste?

Food waste is waste generated during the preparation of meals and any food that is not consumed.

It includes food that is thrown away, not used or partly used.

It does not include packaging materials.

What food waste can and cannot be recycled?

Food that can and cannot be recycled



Plate scrapings Oil or liquid fat
Bread and pastries Liquids of any sort
Meat and bones Any packaging
Fish Plastic bags
Tea and coffee grounds  
Fruit and vegetables  
Dairy products  
Pasta, rice and beans  

Using the food waste scheme

All households will be delivered a small silver kitchen caddy along with instructions for the scheme.

The silver kitchen caddy is intended to be stored in your kitchen.

• Line your kitchen caddy if you wish with paper or a compostable caddy liner
• Fill your kitchen caddy with the food waste listed above
• When full empty the contents of your kitchen caddy into your green garden waste bin.
• Your green garden waste bin will be collected fortnightly

Households which do not have a green garden waste bin

Households which do not have a green garden waste bin will also be delivered a 25 litre green outdoor caddy.

The green outdoor caddy is intended to be stored outside. The contents of the silver kitchen caddy should be emptied into the green caddy when full.

Keeping the caddies clean

The kitchen caddy can be lined with paper to keep the caddy clean. Compostable bags can be used but they must display the compostable logo. These bags can be purchased in local supermarkets and hardware stores.

It is very important you do not use carrier bags to line your kitchen caddy. Plastic carrier bags do not breakdown sufficiently during the composting process.

We will not collect your food waste if it is wrapped in plastic carrier bags.

What happens to the food waste?

The combined food and garden waste collected from the Lancaster district will be sent to the new waste processing facility at Thornton (near Blackpool). Here the food and garden waste will be composted in an indoor composting hall. After several weeks the food and garden waste will have turned into a useable compost product that can be used for parks and gardens, agricultural and horticultural purposes.



Customer Services




01524 582491

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