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A to Z of Council Services:

Waste service standards

Collecting your rubbish

This page gives you important information about:

  • Your household waste collection service
  • What standards you can expect from us
  • How to get more information
  • How to comment or complain

Collections and response times

The council provides a fortnightly collection of household waste from wheeled bins and recycling boxes for most houses in the Lancaster district.

We respond to all enquiries within five days of your initial contact. Where a council officer determines there is a risk to the public we will respond within a maximum of five hours of being notified.

We collect household waste from over 58,000 households throughout Lancaster. We have a number of standards we aim to achieve:

We will provide a fortnightly collection of waste and recyclables from your house.

We will collect bulky household waste such as beds or cookers. Charges may apply  - please call 01524 582491 for details.

With your safety in mind, we will collect fridges and freezers from households for safe disposal. Charges may apply  - please call 01524 582491 for details.

We will collect garden waste and household fixtures and fittings, but this will be subject to a charge dependent on the amount, on a specified day within seven working days of notification.

Special services

People with disabilities

If you live alone and have mobility problems we will collect your rubbish direct from your door. Please call 01524 582491

Discarded hypodermic needles

We will collect and dispose of hypodermic needles within two hours of receiving a request. Please call 01524 582491

Disruptions to the service due to severe weather

Occasionally during periods of heavy snow or ice we may not be able to empty your bin or collect your recyclables.

During conditions such as these please call 01524 582491 for further information.

Please note: Other disruptions occasionally occur, due to vehicle breakdown, road closures, traffic incidents etc. Please be patient - we usually catch up by the end of the day.

Our general standards

We have a number of standards that all Lancaster City Council services aim to meet:

  • We will answer letters within 5 working days. If you need a full reply, we will send you an acknowledgement and then send the full reply within an agreed period.
  • You won't have to wait longer than five minutes in a reception area.
  • If you are not satisfied with the way you have been treated you can make an appointment to see the manager.
  • We will regularly seek your views on the services we provide and use this and other information to monitor how we are performing. We will also take action if we are not meeting our standards and set targets for improving our performance.

Comments, compliments and complaints

For full details about making a comment or complaint about our service, and what happens next, please visit our Complaints page.



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