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A to Z of Council Services:

SIC codes

Lancaster City Council Environmental Services is a licensed waste carrier and in order to comply with the Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations Act 1990 it is a requirement that a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note is completed annually and retained on file for all our customers. It is a legal requirement to keep a copy of your completed Duty of Care Note for two years.

Under the Waste Regulations 2011, from 28 September 2011, Duty of Care Notes require the SIC 2007 code of the TRANSFEROR,  that is, the business that is transferring the waste to another business. Please record your SIC 2007 code in section D of your Duty of Care Notes.

For further support or assistance on completing your Duty of Care Notes, please email ccs@lancaster.gov.uk or call us on 01524 582415 or 01524 582416.

How to find your SIC Code

Use the look up table below to find your SIC code. Select the relevant section, then division, then group, and finally select your 4-digit or 5-digit code. Where a 4-digit code is further broken down into 5-digit codes (using /), you should use one of the 5-digit codes.

For more detailed information on the activities covered by each code, please consult the explanatory notes:

For information and support on SIC codes, please see the Office for National Statistics UK SIC codes website, or call 01329 444970 or email classifications.helpdesk@ons.gov.uk.

Selecting the correct code is the responsibility of the user and we can accept no responsibility for any incorrect code used.

SIC code look up table

Select the section, division and group

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