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Just Bin It

Do you love the Lancaster District?



We want you to help us keep it beautiful! 

A small minority of people who drop litter can spoil the district for everyone. This makes litter everyone's problem, and we think that by working together we can make the district a place we can all be proud of.

The council is responsible for keeping our district clean and tidy, but with limited resources we can't do it on our own.

We want you to be the district's eyes and ears, its ambassadors and its champions.

Why should you bother?

The council spends £1.6 million each year cleaning up litter. This comes out of your council tax which means that even if you don't drop litter, you're still picking up the bill for removing litter belonging to those who do.

Litter makes the area look untidy and unloved. It's your district - be proud of it!

There is no excuse for dropping litter - there are over 1200 public litter bins across the district.

Dropping litter can be an expensive habit - you could end up with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

What can you do?


  • Your opinions on what makes our district beautiful and what spoils it
  • Your photos or videos of your favourite spots across the district
  • Your ideas to reduce the amount of litter
  • Your news - perhaps you've organised a litter pick or cleanup - we want to hear all about it.  Send us your news, photos and videos.
  • Or maybe you have a litter pick or cleanup event coming up that you need to publicise?

Here's how


  • Take your rubbish home or hold onto it until you find a litter bin.
  • Put your gum in a bin when you've finished with it.
  • Keep your own area tidy – pick up litter outside your house and on your street.
  • Clean up after your dog did you know you can put dog poo bags in any council litter bin and your grey wheelie bin?
  • Nominate your street for a deep clean with Street Pride.
  • Take part in any cleanup events near you and show that you care about your area.
  • Organise a litter pick on your street/local park/canal/near where you live. 
  • Report any litter/fly tipping/dog poo that you see.
  • Remember cigarette butts are litter too – don't drop them on the ground.
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Join Us

Email your good news stories, litter pick events, photos and videos telling us why you love the Lancaster district. Email binit@lancaster.gov.uk

Facebook: We'll upload your photos and videos to our Facebook album.  Like us and add your comments to share your thoughts on how we can all keep our district beautiful.

Twitter: follow us for updates on the campaign and to share your photos, thoughts and ideas.

You Tube: upload your videos then email us the link.

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