Courses and lessons

Salt Ayre offers a selection of courses, lessons and training sessions for children and adults who are looking to learn a new skill. Set in our fantastic facilities, our sessions are run by friendly instructors who are there to support you every step of the way.

Gymnastics courses

Gymnastics classes at Salt Ayre are aimed at children aged from pre-school age upwards, and run on a course basis. We currently have over 300 children (girls and boys) enrolled onto our courses which include movement, music, gymnastics, exercise games, listening and co-operation.

Each child progresses at their own pace in a non-threating, warm and nurturing environment. Older children are able to work towards a nationally recognised British Gymnastics certificate. 

The children are coached by a group of enthusiastic and fully qualified gymnastics instructors, and assistant helpers, led by a senior coach.

Swimming lessons

Learn to swim with Salt Ayre Sharks Swim School!

Following the ASA national plan for swimming, our recognised programmes cover all aspects of swimming for all abilities.

Delivered by our friendly instructors in a fun and supportive environment; we’ll have you confident and water safe in no time.

See the Salt Ayre Sharks webpage for more information!

Lifeguard training

Lifeguard training takes place at Salt Ayre Sports Centre throughout the year. Individuals attending the one week course will receive a national pool lifeguard qualification; with this qualification you will be able to work in the sport and recreation inducstry as a professional lifeguard. 

Call 01524 847 540 to find out when our next course is taking place.

Last updated: 18 January 2018