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The 3 C's

Our vision is built on three building blocks. These are the things we will need to focus on to deliver the above outcomes.

We need to work on connectivity and make Lancaster a gigabyte district.

We need to collaborate with all those with a stake in the future of the district's success.

We need to change the way the Council delivers its services focussed around our customers' needs.

These building blocks form the basis of our digital strategy.

This site is a shared space bringing together voices from business, community groups, residents, the council, the universities and the wider public sector to foster collaboration and promote the digital and technology scene right across the whole city region.

We are here to accelerate, celebrate and document the digital revolution at the heart of the region’s current regeneration.

Our collective digital ambition

The district is changing on a scale and at a pace not seen since the 1960s – from Eden in Morecambe over to Heysham port, from the new Health Innovation Campus at Lancaster University to the exciting plans for Lancaster’s Canal Quarter – and this time we have the internet and rapid technological innovation bringing both new challenges and immense opportunities.

Our council, employers, residents and communities have a shared ambition to maximise the potential for digital transformation to radically enhance our city region’s public services, spaces, economy and jobs – making the region an even better place to live, work, learn and do business, enhanced by delightful digital experiences and a thriving digital economy.

This site builds upon the great work that has been done in the past to bring people together across sectors to make things happen in the district – this time with increased engagement and openness from the council.

The council's digital strategy is a platform and enabler for the whole district's community, powered by Lancaster City Council.

We are an ambitious council. The Corporate Plan sets out the council’s strategic objectives, including the need for change in how it delivers services, to improve outcomes for the borough’s residents, businesses and communities.

Get involved and subscribe

This site is written for the community and we rely on your contributions. We want to hear your news. We want to publicise your events. We want to hear your ideas. We want to get you involved!

We welcome feedback on how we can make this site even better, and please get in touch if you want to help or to share ideas to build a more digital Lancaster.

We are excited about this next chapter in the district’s digital story, and hope you are too.

A smart district A green district A healthy district A clean district A fair district
World Class Connectivity: a Gigabyte region with a full fibre network and 5G throughout which will be the best place for start-ups whilst maintaining and growing our existing digital businesses and supporting all businesses and organisations in the area. We will do this through collaboration with all our stakeholders continually improving the area for the benefit of all. Striving to address the climate emergency by using technology to reduce carbon emissions in the district. Working with the Health Innovation Centre and NHS anchor institutions to develop technology for health and promote healthier lifestyles. Using digital technology to improve emptying bins, measure air quality and provide citizens with easy ways to report issues with public realm. Using technology to better understand our customers, improve community engagement, address exclusion and deliver community wealth and social value.
Technology We will use technology as a catalyst to enable change and inform and deliver best practice in all the council's key areas of delivery. Technology around the district will be used to improve our citizens' well-being.
Health We will ensure that digital best practice, partnerships with e.g. the Health Innovation Campus and use of modern technologies move us towards becoming a beacon of ever improving health outcomes.
Innovation We will ensure that we enable digital innovation in our district through visionary digital leadership, collaboration with the community and business, and developing deeper relationships with education providers.
Nature To counter the climate emergency, we will use cutting edge and innovative solutions to encourage green thinking and develop green technologies to reduce the district's carbon emissions.
Knowledge We will ensure that we become a knowledge organisation in order to better serve our customers and meet increasing demands and expectations.
At the council To deliver our transformational vision, we need great digital connectivity and a strong and improving culture of collaboration, but we also need to change our work and working practices at the council to become more agile and more efficient at service delivery.