Changes to your recycling and waste collection

Collection rounds and your collection days are changing from Monday 6 September

The day most people have their waste and recycling collected is set to change as part of Lancaster City Council’s ongoing commitment to tackling the climate emergency.

From Monday September 6 the council is introducing ‘route optimisation’ to maximise the efficiency of its collection vehicles. This will see crews using more direct, cost effective and environmentally friendly routes to follow.

Why are we making changes?

The introduction of route optimisation is a significant step in the council’s commitment to becoming net zero carbon by 2030.

It will make our collections more efficient and reduce the amount of CO2 produced by our refuse fleet.

Crews will use more direct, cost effective and environmentally friendly routes to deliver their rounds.  

As a result, the total distance covered by our crews each fortnight to complete their rounds is expected to reduce by between 15% and 20%.  This equates to a reduction of 1600 miles in comparison to the distance the crews currently need to cover. The time taken to complete the cycle of rounds each fortnight will also reduce by an estimated 170 hours.

Will the day my waste is collected change?

Yes, in most cases people will see the day of their collection change.

Will I receive a new collection calendar?

Yes, every household in the district will receive a new calendar showing the new collection schedules along with a handy guide to recycling.  It is important that you hold onto your calendar and keep it somewhere safe as it runs until August 2022.

What if I lose my calendar or don’t get one by 6 September?

In addition to copies of the calendar being posted to every household, residents will also be able to view or download a copy from as from Saturday, September 4. 

Alternatively, anyone who hasn’t received their calendar by the end of August or has any queries relating to the change in rounds can contact the council’s customer service team by emailing or by telephoning 01524 582491.

Will I need to put my waste out differently?

Residents who currently put their waste and recycling out together will be asked to instead put them out on alternate weeks.  This means that non-recyclable household waste (grey bin) will go out one week, with recycling boxes and garden waste (if applicable) the following week.

Will there be any disruption caused to collections during the switch?

To allow for the switch, there will unfortunately be a disruption to the service for a short period of time.  During the first two-week collection cycle, residents will be asked to hold on to certain types of waste for a little longer than the usual fortnight until collections return to normal.

Householders are being asked to store any excess general household waste in black bin bags and put it out for collection next to their grey wheelie bin on the next new collection day.  Similarly, excess recyclables can be stored in carrier bags or other containers (not black bin bags) and placed alongside recycling containers on the next scheduled collection day.  Extra glass should remain in the recycling containers provided.

Those in receipt of orange bag collections might wish to request a seagull proof sack in which they can place their bags on collection day to avoid them becoming a target for seagulls and other scavengers – call 01524 582491 to order a free bag.

Residents who have subscribed to the council’s garden waste collection service may also need to keep hold of their clippings until their next collection day.

Does my bin still need to be out at the kerbside by 7am?

Yes, all bins and boxes must be at the kerbside for 7am on collection day. We now use technology which can notify the waste and recycling team of bins that were not out for collection. If your bin is not out for collection when the crews arrive, there will be no return visits to collect them.

Will the new way of working affect assisted collections?

Whilst the majority  of residents will experience a short-term disruption to the collection service, we will still be providing assisted collections for those who have requested them.

I have received my calendar.  What do the dates in red boxes mean during December and January?

The garden waste (green bin) collections are suspended over these months, so the red box indicates we will be collecting waste from recycling boxes only on these dates.

Last updated: 31 August 2021