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Council Housing Surveys

Lancaster City Council Housing runs numerous surveys, some of which are run all year every year and some that are run for specific periods and specific focus groups. All our surveys can be found on this page when they are available.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

We provide housing services for thousands of tenants and customers every year. At times we get things wrong and fail to meet the standards we aim to achieve. We welcome feedback, including complaints from those affected by our work  

We aim to: 

  • Resolve complaints raised by our customers quickly. 

  • Resolve complaints to the satisfaction of our customers whenever possible. 

  • Use the learning from complaints to drive service improvements 

We are dedicated to ensuring that our complaint handling process is customer friendly, enabling our residents and members of the wider community to be heard and understood. The begins by everyone understanding what a complaint is. 


Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to provide our customers with a high level of service that is responsive to their requirements.

Our quality objectives are to ensure that:

  • services are provided that are appropriate and responsive to customer needs
  • all relevant details about a customer's needs are obtained to enable their request to be fairly assessed
  • clear and accurate advice and information is given
  • the customer is kept informed
  • decisions and actions are taken at the right time
  • service standards are set, monitored, and reviewed in consultation with customers

Last updated: 01 December 2021

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