District-wide Tenants Forum

The District-wide Tenants Forum is a meeting between tenants, leaseholders, councillors and Council Housing staff. It is held on a quarterly basis and gives tenants and leaseholders opportunity to genuinely influence policies certain policies and decisions within council housing.

The ideals of District-wide Tenants Forum are:

  • To promote the interests of all Council tenants and leaseholders of the district, and to assist in maintaining good relations between all members of the community.
  • To promote Council tenants' and leaseholders rights and the maintenance and improvement of housing conditions, amenities and the environment.
  • To ensure that all tenants and leaseholders have effective opportunities to participate in the management of their homes and neighbourhoods.
  • To promote change in response to tenants' and leaseholders aspirations.
  • To act as a consultative group on all issues concerning tenants and leaseholders at a district-wide level.
  • To work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination within the community by encouraging all tenants and leaseholders to participate in the management of their homes and neighbourhoods.

The meeting convenes every three months and discuss any new council and/or government initiatives, policies, procedures, service delivery issues and improvement plans.

Last updated: 02 March 2016