Bailrigg Garden Village



Our informal Issues and Options Consultation is now open until Wednesday 11 July 2018

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Lancaster City Council plans the Bailrigg Garden Village to be a new self-contained settlement of around 3,500 homes with a target for some 2,000 jobs in South Lancaster - a place for living and a focus for sustainable growth in conjunction with the expanding Lancaster University - The Times and Sunday Times University of the Year 2018.

The garden village is to be one of fourteen in a wave of new garden villages identified by the Government across England which will focus on the delivery of high quality development with strong links to a series of open spaces and the wider countryside. The council’s Regeneration and Planning Service is leading on preparations for the Garden Village. The council is working closely with Lancashire County Council to plan and deliver necessary infrastructure and is advised by Homes England on all matters to help facilitate the delivery of new homes. The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are key supporters of the project for the growth that it can deliver to the area.

The council advances the Bailrigg Garden Village as part of its preparation of a Local Plan for Lancaster District which it seeks to adopt in 2019. The Local Plan via the Strategic Policies and Land Allocations DPD (Draft Publication Version, February 2018), sets out the council’s requirement for 12,000 new homes across the district to be delivered alongside opportunities for growth which could support 9,500 FTE jobs in the plan period until 2031.

As part of the Local Plan, the council is working on an Area Action Plan (AAP) that will set the ambitions and framework for the Garden Village itself. The Bailrigg Garden Village AAP will allocate land for housing and green space and identify key transport and other infrastructure needed. It will set out what is wanted of development, how development and key infrastructure should be delivered and what will be required to properly manage and sustain the Garden Village over time. Supporting evidence covers a range of subjects and issues including landscape, ecology, flood risk and water management, transport, community facilities and housing.

In this way the AAP will set the vision, expectations and parameters for the future development of the Garden Village. The aim is to make the place as good as it can be for people today and generations to come with a range of commercial and business opportunities to attract business, investment and jobs into the district.

Help make Bailrigg Garden Village the best it can be.



  • Strategic Policies and Land Allocations (SPLA) document published inviting final   representations on whether to advance the Bailrigg Garden Village (9 February - 5pm 6 April).
  • The SPLA document and all representations submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination.
  • Public consultation about ambitions and key issues for the Garden Village and how these might be addressed via the Area Action Plan (AAP). Outline spatial options presented including for land that could be developed and what land should be reserved for other functions, including greenspace.


  • Public examination of the SPLA document.
  • Formal consultation into preferred options for the Garden Village AAP.



  • Draft Bailrigg Garden Village AAP published inviting final representations. These are submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination.
  • Strategic Policies and Land Allocations document for the district is approved and adopted as part of the Local Plan.


  • Public examination of the AAP.


  • Bailrigg Garden Village AAP is approved and adopted as part of the Local Plan.
  • Landowners and developers bring forward development proposals fitting to the Local Plan framework.

Please note that this timetable is indicative only and there will be additional consultation opportunities to comment on specific subject areas during this process.

Last updated: 15 June 2018