Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund

How to complete this application

There is help available for most of the questions in this application. Click on the i symbol next to a question to see the help.

In order to complete this application you will need to provide evidence of your business income and expenditure, and evidence relating to the specific nature of your business. This includes:

Proof you were trading on 11 March 2020

This can be evidence of takings on or after the date including receipts, sales ledger, accounts software and bank statements.

Accounts and tax returns

Turnover and balance sheet for your last set of accounts (if available).
Your last completed set of accounts, OR your tax return if you do not have a set of accounts.

Fixed property-related costs (including vehicle costs)

If your business operates from a building: building-related costs, such as rent, mortgage, insurance or maintenance contracts.

If your business operates fom a vehicle: vehicle-related costs, such as lease payments, business vehicle insurance certificate and receipt, service and MOT contracts and road tax.

Evidence specific to your business

This may include (where applicable):

• Food hygiene certificate
• Approved driving instructor certification
• Taxi or private hire licence
• OFSTED registration
• Business rates reference number