Order new, additional or replacement bins, boxes and bags

  • A subsidised service/usage charge applies for delivery of bins and boxes
  • Delivery time is up to 15 working days
  • There is no charge for orange bags or for replacement box lids
Item Charge from 1 April 2019

Summary of charges

Wheeled bin (grey or green) £16.67 + VAT (£20 total)
Recycling box £4.46 + VAT (£5.35 total)

How many bins and boxes can I have?

If you are requesting new, additional or replacement bins and boxes please note there is a limit to how many items you can have.

Every household should have:

  • 1 grey wheelie bin. If you cannot manage with one grey bin, contact us first. Do NOT order a second grey bin as it will not be collected
  • Orange bin bags are provided if the property is not suitable for a wheelie bin
  • 3 or more recycling boxes
  • If your property is subscribed to the garden waste collection service, at least 1 green wheeled bin

Replacement green bins

Replacement green bins can only be ordered if you have a current valid garden waste subscription.

How do I order and pay for the items?

The quickest way to order and pay for the items you want is to order online.

Alternatively call customer services on 01524 582491 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Payment is required in advance of the delivery of bins and boxes, and can be made by debit or credit card.

Last updated: 31 August 2021