Burial information

Exclusive right of burial

This refers to the purchase of the rights to an interment or erect a memorial on a particular grave.

It is possible to purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave in reserve for future use. This can be arranged either through a Funeral Director or by contacting the Cemeteries Office at Morecambe Town Hall where the staff will be pleased to assist you with any queries that you may wish to discuss.

Burials on private land

You do not require permission from the Cemeteries Office for a coffin burial or the interment of ashes on private land, however it is essential that you obtain permission where you are not the landowner of the ground involved.

More information on regulations can be obtained by contacting the Environment Agency:

National Customer Contact Centre
PO Box 544
S60 1BY

If you wish to scatter cremated remains in a public space that is not a Council owned Cemetery then please contact Customer Services on 01524 582000 and you will be directed to the relevant department.

Natural and independent funerals

We recognise that there is an increasing interest in greener options concerning burial and cremation. Both Hale Carr and Torrisholme Cemeteries have separate Woodland burial areas. More information can be obtained on these areas by contacting the Cemeteries Office.

There are many different types of coffin now available in an increasing range of recycled materials. However, you may opt not to use a coffin if burying on private land.

You may choose not to use the services of a Funeral Director, in which case you can arrange a funeral directly with the Cemeteries Office. However you must be prepared to make all the necessary arrangements yourself. 

A source of further detailed information is available through the Natural Death Centre:

The Natural Death Centre
In the Hill House
Watley Lane
SO21 1QX

Torrisholme Cemetery Woodland Burial Area
Torrisholme Cemetery Woodland Burial Area


Last updated: 18 March 2021