Grave memorials

Items placed on graves

Aside from permanent memorials, we would request that grave owners use their own judgement as to what type of items are suitable to be placed on a grave. The impact on other cemetery users should be considered, as should the aesthetics of the cemetery. Please note that items left on graves are the responsibility of the grave owner.

Should grave owners wish to add living wreaths (such as moss/holly etc) to the graves over the Christmas period, we ask that they are removed by the end of January. After this time, and following a period of notice within the cemeteries, Grounds Maintenance staff will remove and discard such items.

Responsibility of memorials

Whilst the Cemeteries Office is responsible for maintaining a safe environment within the cemetery, the Grave Deed Owner has the responsibility to maintain the memorial itself in a safe condition.

Memorials need to conform to cemetery regulations with regard to size and fixings. The proposed memorial also needs to be checked for stability under health and safety regulations, as well as ensuring that it will be erected in a safe manner. This helps to protect your interests although you will remain responsible for the maintenance of the memorial in the future. if you fail to do this, the Cemetery Staff may take action to make the memorial safe.

Memorial masons

The Cemeteries Office has in place a list of Registered Memorial Masons, who have been approved to work within our council Cemeteries. This list can be obtained by contacting the Cemeteries Office.

However, if you wish to employ a Mason who is not already on this list, they would need to register with ourselves which, if they are approved, could take some time and delay any work to be carried out. 

Last updated: 03 May 2017