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Asbestos disposal

Information about how to safely dispose of asbestos waste from the home. Please note that if you are a private business you should arrange for your asbestos waste to be removed by a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

Warning – fibrous asbestos, such as pipe lagging, should only be removed by a licensed removal contractor. It is too hazardous for a householder to handle.

Types of waste that my contain asbestos

  • Corrugated or flat asbestos cement sheets (often used in garages and sheds)
  • Flue pipes, roofing tiles, cold water tanks, rainwater pipes and gutters, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, storage heaters and fire blankets

Recommended protective clothing

Overalls with elasticated wrists and ankles, head protection, facemask, goggles, gloves and protective footwear.

Asbestos waste must never be placed in your general household waste - this is partially treated by hand and any loose asbestos placed in your bin poses a threat to the health of the operatives.

How to prepare asbestos waste for disposal

1. Thoroughly wet the waste with clean water before handling.

2. Avoid breaking the asbestos waste.

3. Large pieces to be wrapped in polythene sheeting (500 gauge) and sealed with all-weather tape to avoid dust release.

The appropriate polythene sheeting (visqueen) can be obtained from SITA UK Ltd, Salt Ayre HWRC, Ovangle Road, Lancaster. Telephone: 01524 67870 (Main Office: 01524 69520)

4. Smaller pieces and residue from the final clean up to be doubled bagged in the approved and labelled red and clear polythene bags available from Salt Ayre HWRC. All packages must be securely sealed using all-weather tape, available at DIY stores and Builders Merchants.

5. Packages must be manageable for one person to carry

For example:

  • 3 sheets 4ft x 4ft wrapped and sealed
  • 2 sheets 6ft x 3ft wrapped and sealed
  • 1 sheet 8ft x 4ft wrapped and sealed

6. Keep other people away from the asbestos.

7. Wash well afterwards to remove any residue of asbestos fibres and dust.

8. Wash separately or discard any overalls/clothing after use.

9. Discarded overalls, masks and gloves should be treated as asbestos waste and bagged accordingly for proper disposal.

10. The area where removal has taken place should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down, disposing of any wiping cloths used, as asbestos waste. Do not use a domestic vacuum cleaner for this process.

Asbestos disposal at Salt Ayre HWRC

Asbestos will only be accepted at the HWRCs if wrapped in heavy duty polythene sheets.

Asbestos wrapping materials are provided free of charge (in limited quantities) for householders and can be collected from any HWRC. Smaller pieces of asbestos should be double-bagged and securely sealed.

Don't forget to apply for a permit if you are using a commercial type vehicle (eg a van) or trailer.

Please note: Salt Ayre HWRC does not accept trade waste.

Last updated: 05 July 2023

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