Browser support

How to get the best out of this website by using a supported web browser

What web browser am I using?

Different browsers work in different ways. And although these differences may seem small, it’s common for websites to work fine on one browser but poorly on another.

This website has been designed to take advantage of modern web technologies and to meet current internet security, usability and interoperability standards. In order for these features to work correctly we recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser. The table below lists the current browsers and legacy versions our site supports.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser

This site requires JavaScript to work properly. To enable JavaScript in your browser please see this guide to enabling JavaScript in each web browser (this link will open in a new window).

Currently supported web browsers

From Monday 18 December 2017 we are upgrading the security of our online systems and certain areas of this site will only be accessible to the following browsers:

  • Firefox 27
  • Chrome 30
  • IE 11 on Windows 7
  • Edge, Opera 17
  • Safari 9
  • Android 5.0
  • Java 8

Desktop browsers

Browser Version Supported Supported until Usage on our site (%)
Internet Explorer 8 No June 2015 0.75
Internet Explorer 9 Partial June 2015 1.37
Internet Explorer 10 Partial January 2016 1.78
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7/8 Yes June 2016 14.59
Safari 6 No N/A 0.4
Safari 7 Yes N/A 3.6
Safari 8 Yes N/A 11.6
Safari 9, 10 Yes Ongoing 8.1
Microsoft Edge N/A Yes Ongoing 2.35
Firefox N/A Yes Ongoing 5.1
Chrome N/A Yes Ongoing 35.92
Opera N/A Yes N/A 0.22

Mobile browsers

This website has been designed to work on popular smartphones and tablets that run IOS and Android. The majority of visits to our site now come from smartphone and tablet users.

Browser Version Supported Supported until Usage on our site (%)
IOS 7 No June 2015 3.55
IOS 8 Yes June 2015 7.29
IOS 9 Yes June 2016 34.32
Android 4.x/5.x/6.x Yes June 2016 37.8
Blackberry OS 6+ No June 2013 0.22
Windows Phone 7/8 No N/A 3.44

What do we mean by supported browsers?

Browser support Details
Supported We have tested in this browser, and the site behaves as expected.
Partially supported We have tested in this browser, and core functionality works, but not all CSS and JavaScript will be present. Access to some online services (eg planning applications) may be blocked for reasons of network security.
Not supported These browsers are not formally supported by the browser maker, and are not supported by us. If you are using one of these browsers, we recommend you upgrade.


Last updated: 05 December 2017