Housing needs survey on its way

Residents across the Lancaster district should be on the look-out for a survey dropping through their letterbox that offers the chance to win high street shopping vouchers.

Approximately 28,000 households in the Lancaster district will be invited to take part in a household survey.

The household survey is to help Lancaster City Council gather information on the housing needs for people living in the Lancaster district over the coming years, including the size and type of housing which is more likely to meet the needs of residents. 

The survey will take place during June and July and will be managed by independent consultant arc⁴.  Approximately 28,000 households will be sent a survey, including every household in rural areas of the district.  Other interested parties including developers, housing associations, estate agents, housing and disability charities will also be asked for their input on housing market needs and conditions.  

Feedback from the survey will be summarised in a Strategic Housing Market Assessment Report and arc⁴’s recommendations will help to inform the council’s local plan and in making decisions on future planning applications for new homes. 

All completed postal surveys will be entered into a free prize draw with prizes of £150, £100 and £50 in high street shopping vouchers. 

Data collected through the survey will remain confidential.

Last updated: 12 June 2017