Council tax scam warning

Residents are being warned to be on their guard for suspicious emails that aim to capture their personal details.

Lancaster City Council has been alerted that some residents are receiving emails claiming to be from a ‘Miss Rourke’ of ‘Unity Partnership’.

The email, which has the subject line RE: Council Tax Refund –Confirmation, claims that residents have received a council tax refund but need to fill in an online form to have the money credited to their accounts. 

While Unity Partnership is a genuine company, the emails themselves are a scam.

Anyone who receives a similar email should not click on the link provided to the online form and immediately delete the email.

Residents are reminded that the council would never ask for bank details by email.

The email being received by residents is as follows:

Subject: RE: Council Tax Refund -Confirmation

Hello ,

After  checking my records I can confirm that a refund was issued for the amount of £ 341.04 on 01.03.2017.

You should receive the refund in your bank account after you confirm your details in the FORM provided in this email and early in this week the amount owed to you will be credited in your bank account.

We are sorry for the delay with this tax refund being issued.


Miss Rourke

Revenues Advisor

Unity Partnership

T 0161 770 6622 | E |


Last updated: 08 March 2017