Tree works at Vicarage Fields and Quay Meadow

Work to remove a number of mature sycamore and willow trees on Vicarage Fields and Quay Meadow which have become overgrown and unsafe will commence next week.

Trees needing to be felled include a number of Willow trees located at the top of Quay Meadow where it meets the cycle-path and extending behind properties on St Georges Quay.

The trees are leaning and if not dealt with properly now are at risk of becoming a risk to public safety.

Other trees being removed as part of the works are a number of self-set sycamore trees of approximately 20 years old located adjacent to Vicarage Field East, also known as Bathhouse Field.  The trees are damaging the Roman archaeology located by the Wery Wall and Roman Bathhouse and growing on spoil heaps from the excavation of the Bathhouse and along and in the boundary railing with the Old Vicarage.  The felling of these trees is necessary to prevent further damage to the archaeology and railings.

Works will also include trimming back the canopy of other trees in the area to improve the woodland by increasing light levels and promoting natural regeneration within the area.

The removal of the trees will be in accordance with the approved Woodland Management Plan for the area. 

Coun Brendan Hughes, Cabinet member with responsibility for open space, said:  “The council is committed to maintaining a diverse and robust community of healthy trees in its public parks and open spaces so they can be enjoyed by generations to come.  Whilst it is necessary to fell trees some from time to time as part of the council’s woodland management plan, we have a programme of tree planting to a ratio of 3 to 1 for each tree removed.”

The work is due to start on Monday February 4 and expected to take five days.  Some areas will be closed to the public while the work is taking place but this does not involve the closure of any public footpaths or highways.

Last updated: 28 January 2019