Clean-up continues after Storm Ciara

Lancaster City Council’s on-call district emergency incident officers and service delivery teams have been busy over the weekend dealing with the effects of Storm Ciara.

Working alongside the police, fire and rescue service, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster Area Search and Rescue Team (LASAR), the council has responded to numerous weather related incidents right across the district. On Sunday, visits were made to vulnerable areas including areas around Burrow Beck, Wennington, Galgate, Cockerham, Glasson, Halton, Carnforth and Skerton and St George’s Quay to undertake a range of practical works (eg road sweeping, removal of debris) and to provide reassurance and support.

With strong winds set to continue, the city council is monitoring the situation. Flood boards, which were not required over the weekend, have been put in place in the most vulnerable parts of Morecambe promenade as a precautionary measure whilst predicted tide heights increase and the high winds continue unabated. Clean-up work is also taking place to clear debris caused by the storm.

The Lune recorded a height of 2.01 metres at Skerton Weir and 6.25 metres along the quayside, flooding the riverside cycle path at various locations, with flood water entering a number of businesses. It highlights the pressing need for new defences along the Lune, with a £10.8million project underway to prevent future flooding from the river along the affected stretch. Work on the project, which will see the construction of a defence wall and embankment of 1.7 miles in length, stretching from Skerton Bridge to junction 34 of the M6, started in January.

Additional works will take place on the right bank of the river to reduce the risk of river flooding to homes and businesses on Aldrens Lane.

Last updated: 10 February 2020