Local dog breeders have licence revoked

A breach of regulations and conditions relating to a local couple’s dog breeding activities has resulted in the immediate revoking of a licence by Lancaster City Council’s Licensing Regulatory Committee.

The committee agreed to revoke a dog breeding licence held by Daniel and Hollie Brockhill of 16 Robin Crescent, Heysham, at its meeting on Tuesday (February 25).

Animal activity licences, which are granted under The Animal Welfare (Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018, can be revoked where licence conditions are not being complied with, where there has been a breach of regulations, where information supplied by the licence holder is false or misleading, or where it is necessary to protect the welfare of an animal.

On this occasion, the committee was satisfied that there were breaches on all four counts.

Councillor Colin Hartley, Chair of the Licensing Regulatory Committee, said: “As with all other licences, any breaches in conditions by the licence holder are taken extremely seriously. Ultimately, dog breeding licences are in place to ensure that the welfare standards of the dogs are being met and on this occasion, there was reason enough for a decision be made to remove the licence as soon as possible."

Last updated: 28 February 2020