Certificates of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a listed building

Newly slated roof (Westmorland Green)

Newly slated roof (Westmorland Green)

A Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works (CoL) provides formal confirmation that your proposed works do not require listed building consent because they do not affect the character of the listed building as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

Minor repairs are unlikely to require listed building consent if the works are carried out using the same materials and techniques and they do not affect the significance of the asset. By applying for a certificate, which carries no fee, you should receive formal acknowledgment that the works did not require listed building consent. As a listed building owner, it is always useful to ensure you have a full record of any works carried out to a listed building, particularly when you come to sell the property.

If you are proposing works which you consider will be carried out on a like-for-like basis, such as re-slating a roof or window replacements, where they are beyond repair, a CoL can give all parties the certainty required to ensure that the works are to be carried out to appropriately, avoiding unauthorised works.

If, following receipt of the supporting information, it is considered that the works would constitute an alteration which would affect the character of the listed building, then the applicant will be advised accordingly. It might then be necessary to submit a listed building consent application.

Application form

The CoL application form can be found on the Planning Portal website:

The completed application form must be accompanied by the following:

  • a plan identifying the listed building or buildings to which the application relates drawn to an identified scale and showing the direction of North
  • such plans, drawings and information as are necessary to describe the proposed works, together with a description of the part or parts of the listed building or buildings that are likely to be affected
  • a statement explaining why the applicant believes the proposed works would not affect the character of the listed building(s), as a building of special architectural or historic interest
  • a statement setting out the applicant’s interest in the listed building(s), the name and address of any other person known to the applicant to have an interest in the listed building(s) and whether any such other person has been notified of the application, and
  • where the application in made in respect of Crown land and where such an application is made by a person authorised in writing by the appropriate authority, a copy of that authority

All forms should be emailed to dm@lancaster.gov.uk.  Following the submission of a valid application, applicants will be sent notification confirming that the application has been received and that it is a valid application. Applicants should receive written notice of the decision within six weeks following receipt of a valid application.

Last updated: 15 May 2018