Development Management DPD

Lancaster City Council adopted the Development Management Development Plan Document (DPD) on 17th December 2014. This sets out a series of generic planning policies which will be used by us to determine planning applications, the DPD contains policies relating to economic, environmental and social matters. This document now forms a key part of the new Local Plan for Lancaster District 2011 – 2031. 

Get involved & Next Steps

The Development Management DPD has been reviewed.  Consultation on this verison took place from 27 January 2017 to 24 March 2017.  All documents relating to this stage of consultation can be found here.

We will be undertaking a number of formal consultations throughout the Local Plan Update.  If you would like to stay up to date with these you can be added to our consultation database base.  Join our Mailing List...

Last updated: 07 November 2017