Lancaster South Area Action Plan (AAP)

On 29 July 2020 Lancaster City Council formally adopted its current Local Plan. Policy SG1 of the Strategic Policies & Land Allocations Development Plan Document set a broad location for growth in the South Lancaster area and a series of key growth principles for the future development. Policy SG1 did not set specific allocations of land for development or other purposes, nor did it provide a detailed planning framework through locally-specific planning policies – it did however set a commitment to prepare and deliver a new Area Action Plan DPD for growth in South Lancaster, including the delivery of Bailrigg Garden Village.

South Lancaster is expected to be a significant focus of growth for Lancaster District over the coming decades and it is therefore important that that Council proactively drives growth to be of a high-standard and deliver the infrastructure necessary to support such growth. The preparation of the Area Action Plan DPD is a critical element of this to ensure that the ambitions of the Council, whether in relation to the Climate Emergency, high standard design, infrastructure and sustainable travel. Once completed the Area Action Plan will form part of the Local Plan and will be a material planning consideration to all development which is brought forward in the South Lancaster area.

Bailrigg Garden Village

The creation of a new settlement in South Lancaster is a key element of the proposed growth in South Lancaster. The creation of a new Bailrigg Garden Village has been established through the Local Plan process and it is for the Area Action Plan to set out how this new settlement can be achieved. The ambitions of the Council are to deliver development which embeds the key principles of Garden Villages within new development including the provision of a wide range of housing, the necessary supporting infrastructure, community-led development, employment and job creation, high-quality design, the delivery of green and blue infrastructure networks and development which sits in balance with the surrounding natural environment.

The City Council have already undertaken significant background work in relation to how these ambitions can be achieved, via the Bailrigg Garden Village Masterplanning work led by Council-appointed consultants JTP. The masterplan prepared by JTP will act as a basis and ‘starting point’ for work on the Area Action Plan which will seek to carry forward where possible the its ambitions into the Area Action Plan.

Lancaster South Area Action Plan DPD – Stage of Preparation

The Council is at the early stage of preparing the Area Action Plan but intends to make rapid progress with its preparation in order to secure certainty for all parties over how growth in this area will be secured. It is envisaged that a draft Area Action Plan will be published for public consultation by late Spring 2022. Following the consultation the Council will seek to refine the Area Action Plan, taking account of valid comments and issue raised, to prepare a finalised version which again will be subject to public consultation in late 2022 before its submission to Government for its Examination by an independent Planning Inspector. It will be through the Examination process where any outstanding issues / concerns / objections will be considered by the Inspector before they make a recommendation over whether the Area Action Plan can be adopted for planning purposes. Subject to a positive recommendation by the Inspector, the Council would expect to adopt the Area Action Plan at some point in 2023. Details on timetabling for Local Plan work can be found in the Council’s 'About the Local Plan' webpage.

As a first step in the preparation of the Area Action Plan, the City Council will be undertaking informal engagement with the local community, key stakeholders and the development industry to help explore the content and direction of the Area Action Plan and how it evolves and reflects the ambition of the masterplan for Bailrigg Garden Village. Informal engagement will take place through early Spring, assisting to shape and prepare the draft Action Plan document itself. Further details on how to get involved in this informal engagement to be published in due course on the City Council’s website.

Further details to follow on the next consultation stage.

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