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Trees on council land

Our responsibilities

Lancaster City Council is responsible for trees that are:

  • In our parks and open spaces
  • On our council housing estates
  • On our streets that are within the urban core (see below)

Urban core street trees are classed as being within these boundaries:

  • The motorway bridge on Caton Road
  • The motorway bridge on Quernmore Road
  • The motorway bridge at the top of Hala
  • Pinewood Avenue (off Ashton Road)
  • A6 junction with Collingham Park
  • Railway bridge on the Coastal Road, Hest Bank (after the gymnasium)
  • All Middleton and Overton

All trees outside these boundaries (except those on council housing lands) are NOT the responsibility of Lancaster City Council.

For details of services and response times relating to trees on council land, please see our tree policy page.

Requests for work on trees - general guidance

Please see our tree policy for definitive guidance and contact details

In general we will NOT prune or fell a tree because it is:

  • Too big
  • Cutting out light
  • Spoiling the view
  • Dropping sap
  • Dropping leaves into a private residence
  • Causing poor television reception

In general we WILL prune or fell a tree if:

  • Branches are touching a building/structure and potentially may cause damage
  • There are cracked or split limbs
  • There is a snapped branch hung up in the tree canopy
  • A large limb has fallen to the ground
  • The tree is loose at the roots
  • Sight lines for pedestrians are compromised
  • Sight lines for vehicles are compromised
  • Branches are causing pedestrians and cyclists to stoop

Last updated: 18 July 2016

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