Handyperson service

The handyperson service is part of our Home Improvement Agency services. The service is intended to help you to maintain your independence and to enhance the quality of your life.

Who can apply?

The handyperson service is open to all residents who are disabled or aged over 65.

To be eligible you must not be in any form of paid employment and everyone in the household must meet the criteria.

Private and council tenants may use the service providing the works are not the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant has the permission of the landlord to carry out the work.

What jobs qualify?

We will carry out basic plumbing work and small jobs around the home.

Please note we are unable to attend to gas appliances, carry out roof repairs to two-storey properties or work on electrical installations in bathroom and kitchen areas.

On our initial visit, as well as dealing with the job you require, the handyperson will be able to highlight any other jobs that can be completed under the service.

If the handyperson is unable to assist we may be able to find other ways of helping you.

You can use the handyperson service as many times as you like.

How long will I have to wait?

The typical wait time for work to be completed is around one to two weeks. The handyperson is unable to carry out emergency jobs.

The handyperson will contact you to arrange a date for the visit.

How much will I have to pay?

All you will have to pay for are any materials the handyperson has to buy in order to do the work in your home.

The handyperson's time and labour is free and there is no call-out charge.

How do I apply?


For your reassurance and peace of mind, the handyperson will always carry a Lancaster City Council identity card.