Corporate plan

Our Council Plan 2018-2022

Our vision is for the Lancaster district to thrive as a vibrant regional centre in the north west of England, making the most of our district’s many attributes as a great place to live, work and visit. Our Council Plan sets out our four Ambitions for 2018-22, along with our principles for how we aim to serve our district, and the priorities we will be focusing on during this period.

Our Four Ambitions

A Thriving and Prosperous Economy

  • Create strong conditions for growth so that businesses thrive and jobs are created
  • With our partners, deliver major regeneration and infrastructure projects
  • Support development of new skills and improved prospects for our residents
  • Ensure that growth is good for all, and increased wealth benefits our local communities
  • Work with partners to drive growth and achieve major investment across the Lancaster and South Cumbria Economic Region

Clean, Green and Safe Neighbourhoods

  • Deliver, work in partnership and influence to make our district’s neighbourhoods, parks, beaches and open space clean, well-maintained and safe
  • Work towards key parks and public spaces becoming financially self-sustaining
  • Use innovation, technology and partnership with others to help improve the efficiency of services, improve customer satisfaction and reduce our impact on the environment

Healthy and Happy Communities

  • Work with others to address health inequality, food and fuel poverty, mental health, loneliness
  • Enhance community cohesion
  • Improve access to arts and leisure, meaningful work, public open space, quality housing
  • Protect and improve health focussing on early intervention and involving our communities in service design and delivery

A Smart and Forward-Thinking Council

  • Be customer-focused and customer-friendly
  • Ensure our future financial resilience and be financially sustainable
  • Use business intelligence to design our organisation to respond to needs
  • Use digital and other technology to provide quality services
  • Use our land and other property to benefit our communities
  • Invest in our staff to ensure we have the internal expertise to deliver our plans
  • Be recognised for providing value for money

Last updated: 04 June 2019