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Morecambe Cemetery

Morecambe Cemetery was opened in 1874 and is one of seven cemeteries operated by Lancaster City Council. The total area of the cemetery is approximately two acres containing areas for Church of England and Nonconformist burials. 

Morecambe Cemetery was developed by the formation of a Burial Board for the township of Poulton, Bare and Torrisholme on 2nd April 1873.The first burial to take place was of a John Dobson, aged 53, a stonemason and builder, on Christmas Eve 1874. Burials continued until the early 1950s followed by occasional burials and interment of cremated remains in family owned graves. Under the Local Government Act 1894, Section 62, the powers, duties, property, debts and liabilities of the Burial Board were transferred to the district council on 1st March 1896.

The cemetery is open to the general public every day of the year.

A new friends group called Friends of Poulton Cemeteries was formed in November 2009 to assist in improvements to both Morecambe Cemetery and Morecambe Parish Churchyard. Anyone wishing to join this group should contact Rita Gerrard on 01524 426911 or by emailing reetaghosh26@yahoo.com.

Green Flag Award

Following the formation of the Friends Group it was decided to submit an application for a Green Flag in 2010 for which we were successful.

Our priorities include:

  • A welcoming site - How to create a sense that people are positively welcomed to the cemetery.
  • Healthy, safe and secure - How best to ensure that the cemetery is a safe and healthy environment for all users.
  • Well maintained and clean - What people can expect in terms of cleanliness, facilities and maintenance.
  • Sustainability - How the cemetery can be managed in environmentally sensitive ways.
  • Conservation and heritage - The value of conservation and care of historical heritage.
  • Community involvement - Ways of encouraging community participation.
  • Marketing - Methods of promoting the cemetery and its environment.
  • Management - How to reflect all of the above in a coherent management plan and ensure it is implemented.

Location of Morecambe Cemetery

Morecambe Cemetery
Church Lane





01524 582635

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